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Risen from the Dead! · 4:43pm Feb 12th, 2019

GOOD NEWS, everyone! All 31 of you that are still "here"... Thanks for waiting--though I'm not publishing anything yet! All in time...

So it's been a few years. I tried learning to code, flopped and got all depressed and realized something: I've always been good at writing, and been fascinated with narrative fiction, so... I've learned and grown a lot in the past few weeks. I've realized who I truly am, what I can really do, and how much I am capable of learning...

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Mother of God, pt. II · 10:21pm May 21st, 2015

This post isn't just about le art, but first things first:

You guys remember how Wisp's cutie mark was kind of technically definitely stolen? Well, no more. Finally, at long last, it has happened:

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Kinda big news (rewriting) · 2:03pm Feb 17th, 2015

So last night I spent a good several hours talking with a couple friends about Fireflank. At first it was about a few important things I might change about the story at large (and most particularly my concerns that I may allow Wisp to come off as "too" talented magically), but as things progressed and more input was given, I became convinced that it would indeed be in my best interests to go over the story and rework things into a higher-quality state... again.

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I'm horrible · 8:37am Feb 12th, 2015

So I was working on Fireflank. I really was. But then Fallout: Eclipse sucked me in until I was done with its first chapter and I'm terrible.

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The Tiniest Update - Fireflank Time · 9:15am Jan 13th, 2015

Just letting it be known that I'm now focusing again on Fireflank, having decided it best to work on the story that's actually at a fully writable stage. Doing at least a little bit every day.

May still touch on the newly-dubbed Fallout: Eclipse here and there, but it's just not ready. Also I'm going to try and tag (or not tag, as it were) these posts more appropriately, but as this one directly relates to Fireflank, there it goes.

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Another update at last · 7:14am Jan 6th, 2015

So it's been a couple months.

And I, uh

kinda didn't accomplish anything, after the first few days or so.

Rewriting/Working on first FoE chapter was off to a good start, but I became promostly stuck. And you know what happens when I get stuck.

More than that, I've kinda been addicted to Dragon Age for a month. I replayed Origins (a week), 2 (another week), and then I got Inquisition a few days before Christmas (2 weeks), and just finished that last night, so...

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Tiny Update · 10:39pm Nov 3rd, 2014

So I've gotten very little written in the past week. A few paragraphs every couple days doesn't amount to much (although I think I've gotten to a spot where things will start opening up. Not to mention I've come up with some new ideas for the plot...).

However, I'm still getting something done, which means the story is no longer on hiatus. As such, I'm going to change its status back to "Incomplete." Wheeee

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Update Time · 12:07am Oct 28th, 2014

So it's been a little while, once again. Just a few weeks, I suppose, but that feels like a lot.

So I've been playing lots of Destiny, still. Having one of my long stretches of just gaming before doing anymore writing. It had to happen sometime, I guess. Lol. Still loving the game... Just don't get me started on how I don't really have the time for Wildstar right now.

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Three Weeks Later · 10:51am Sep 18th, 2014

First off, I'm not gonna tag this post cuz I can't tag Duality yet.

Second off, I'm maybe around halfway or so done with the first draft of Duality chapter 2. I see it changing a lot before I publish it, but stuff is getting done. Especially now that I finally finished my second-ever Fallout: New Vegas playthrough... I'm FREE, I tell you.

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I wasn't going to make a blog post... · 10:24am Aug 26th, 2014

...but then I did.

I read Nonagon's latest blog post (he's the author of Death Note: Equestria, a story I highly recommend), and he said something that made me think. About how he's been writing fanfiction for 3 years, how much he's improved in that time... And, I suppose, how he's close to being able to begin his intended career as a professional editor.

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