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Fallout Equestria: Lesbians - The Audiobook · 6:10am Sep 24th, 2013

So there was this video posted on youtube.

Now, I'm really grateful for this. It makes me feel like I contributed something positive to the brony community in my time that I was a part of it. But there is just one thing that came to mind since finding the video.

Someone intentionally read my story...

out loud...

to hundreds of people on the internet.

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Oh goodness, just looked at your progress on The Dreamer. 10,000 words is gonna be a heck of a lot to edit.

Well, I guess I did edit 20,000 words at one time... Meh, bring it on!

Yeah, it's sort of happening. I'm writing it slower than my FoE story, but it's definitely stirring thoughts in my brain.

"Twilight Clone Story"

...so you're actually going trough with it? This should be interesting.

Haha! And I take the lead! You better step up your game, Fiend!


Curse yooooooooou!! You sir, have beaten me. I salute thee.

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