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*Warning I do not condone or encourage or some other synonym the actions taken in this story. Addiction is very serious and should be treated the way that other people say it should be treated. So that's probably rehab or something like that.*

Twilight balances a quill on her nose.

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Many ponies in the Equestrian Wasteland aren't as lucky as Littlepip. Here's the story of a few of those ponies.
A gray earth pony in a gray world, Icarus Stone had never really felt all that special. That is, until his parents died. He goes on a quest to find his parents' killer and take revenge. Along the way, he learns some startling facts about himself and the ponies he that have raised him his entire life.

Original "art" by me at my deviantart page: http://fiendofthet.deviantart.com/#/d4pz68y

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