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Fallout Equestria: Lesbians - The Audiobook · 6:10am Sep 24th, 2013

So there was this video posted on youtube.

Now, I'm really grateful for this. It makes me feel like I contributed something positive to the brony community in my time that I was a part of it. But there is just one thing that came to mind since finding the video.

Someone intentionally read my story...

out loud...

to hundreds of people on the internet.

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I Wrote Something · 7:29am Nov 18th, 2012

It's a short one shot. Expect it to be up sometime in the next two days. I wrote it all in a couple hours (sort of like lesbians) and its plot makes no sense (sort of like lesbians). I think the only thing I left out was the humor.

It's basically just my head canon for the newest episode (That's Too Many Pinkies for the time in two months when I still haven't changed this). Also, I wanted to write a bunch of Pinkie randomness. It was fun.

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In which I contemplate the past day and try to issue a reward · 4:28am Sep 30th, 2012

Hello once again, audience people who have probably forgotten about me followers. I suppose celebration is in order. Last night, I looked at my views and saw an amazing 997 views on my collective stories. That's not bad I said to myself, nodding slightly in the fashion only I can do. Then, I was reminded that I am nearing a thousand and am completely unprepared. Everyone everywhere makes a "100 sub special" or a 20,000,000 million views thank you video. I planned on making a

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Hopefully an interesting blog post for a change · 3:23am Sep 28th, 2012

Hello catatonic prunes marsupials of the internet followers! I am your friendly neighborhood Batman Fiend here with an important public service announcement. School has started, which means BLAH BLAH BLAH less time, busy, etc. So instead of writing entire stories for the patrons of Fimfic (which is now blocked at the school *sadface*) I will write for you my brand new ideas in order of probability of becoming an actual story...But let's make it interesting by adding

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Hello, I'm sort of back · 5:04am Aug 28th, 2012


That was interesting. The story I wrote at about 3 am got a pretty awesome reaction. Most people understood that my story was supposed to be a parody fic to all of popular Fallout fics. That's cool.

I've been out of commission for the past week so when I got 33 comments, 14 faves, and two more followers, I kinda went crazy. Thanks guys.

Now, here's your free picture:

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IMPORTANT READ ALL · 8:21am Aug 4th, 2012

Do not read this next story. I am ashamed that I wrote it. If you have any respect for me do not read it.

Serious Pinkie Pie picture to show how serious this is:

Also, I didn't even realize when I broke a million words read.

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Guess What? · 5:59am Jul 21st, 2012

I finished the chapter. Now, because of my new editor person, I have to wait for him to edit it and I'll post it here.


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Free Time! · 5:24am Jul 13th, 2012

Summer! I finally have free time. Yay!

Now, what to do? Shall I read or write? I am very behind on both so either will be a good use of my time. If I read for the rest of the month, I may catch up on Background Pony, but if write people will like me. Decisions, decisions. Well, I'm almost halfway done my next chapter so I could just finish it up this next week. Alright, here I go writing my story.

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Writing 'nd Stuff · 3:42am May 10th, 2012

I apologize for the lateness of the new chapter. Honestly, it has been over a month since my last update and that is practically unacceptable. I didn't even write anything until last week!

Now, I will say that I have written a decent amount in the last couple days and given a ton of thought into this new chapter. I don't know what if that means it will be amazing, but it probably means that it will be long, so I hope that make up for the LOOoOOOooOOOOooOong wait.

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What? · 12:12am Apr 23rd, 2012

Okay, um, I was checking out the chapter views to my story, well the story that people like, and I noticed something funny. Chapter 3 had 78 views, but chapter 4 had 81 views. Did someone out there skip chapter 3? Well that's it.

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