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I woke up in the middle of a clearing in a forest. I don't know where I am, or how I got here. Tartaros, I don't even know who the hay I am. But I do know that I was doing something important when I lost my memory. I need to retrace my steps, and finish what I started. No matter who gets in my way, I'm gonna do my job.

Because if I don't, everypony ends up like me.

Chapters (3)

Ace and Pinkie are happily settling into their new lives, but sinister forces are conspiring against Equestria. As Ace struggles to maintain the trust of the ponies he's sworn to protect, he finds that he'll soon have to make some very difficult choices...

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What if Dr. Sorou had ended up in another Equestria? An Equestria unlike the one he first built a portal to? This is a collection of oneshots dedicated to scenarios in other fictions if Dr. Sorou had been there.

All characters that don't belong to me are used with permission by the authors, and all fictions are modified with permission by the authors to show the good doctor making his impact on the world he is in. Rating may change as stories are added.

All stories and author links go below. Recommend you read 'To x is Human' by GeodesicDragon to know who Dr. Sorou is.

What if #1: Dr. Sorou in Unintentionally Yours by JusticeSnake
What if #2: Dr. Sorou in Just Joking by RainbowBob

Chapters (2)

An offshoot of GeodesicDragon's story, set after To Love is Human. Rating may change as the story goes on.


Some time after Geo makes it back to Equestria, Dr. Sorou is still getting settled in. At least the ponies are making him feel welcome, but how welcome will he feel when he has to get involved in the local populace interactions? Set around Dr. Sorou, and told from his point of view.

Chapters (17)