• Published 13th Aug 2016
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The End. - Fiery Feathers

After the events of Anon-A-Miss, Sunset is left feeling alone and isolated. How can she cope with her worst fear coming true? Loneliness.

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'The End.'

Sunset sighed and glanced at her clock. It read 3:48 am. Pretty much everyone else in the city was in bed, and the other apartments around her were silent. So, she sat in her bedroom, at her desk, simply staring at the blank paper. She sniffled quietly and began to write.

Dear AppleJack, Fluttershy, Rainbow Dash, Rarity, and Pinkie Pie.
I would like to start this note out by saying that I am sorry for any and all pain I have caused you five throughout the years. I was a horrible bitch, but I've changed. You guys could never know how much I regret my actions. They will forever haunt me. It's funny, really. I knew I had changed, and I thought you guys knew it too. But, this Anon-A-Miss has ruined that. Now I know that I was just a burden and you guys couldn't wait to get rid of me. That's why after the first thing that could give you five any doubt happened, you cut me off. Like a flower. I felt I was blooming with the help from you guys, but now you've cut off my stem. And just like a flower, I feel that I am slowly dying. How could you do that to me? After everything we've done, after everything I've done, you just turned on me like that? If you guys truly respected me as your equal, we could have talked about this. I could have explained myself and we could have worked through this together. But no, it went straight to, 'You're not welcome here!' 'yeah, get out!' 'secret stealer!', and possibly the worst of all. 'You're not our friend!'. Wow. You guys knew about my past, you knew my secrets. You knew how after I left Equestria, I almost killed myself. You knew that there have been so many days that I feel like I'm dead. That I still struggle to fall asleep and to force myself up in the mornings to face the day. And you cut me off so easily. Did you want me to do this? Probably. Hell, it's what the whole school wants. I'm sorry that I didn't prove myself to you enough to make you trust me. I'm sorry if this note doesn't make much sense, I'm not in the best places right now. I'm just so...isolated. I had you five, and now I have no body. I can't take it anymore. I hate this feeling. I despise this feeling. I hate walking through the halls and feeling everybody look at me. I hate going places alone. I hate this constant silence. I guess I should wrap this up now. But before I go, I have one final question. This is mostly for AppleJack, Rarity, and Rainbow Dash. Now that we know the truth, how did you three confront your sisters? Did you guys yell at them? Did you kick them out? Well, no, I didn't expect you to. After all, they are your family. Did you give them a small punishment and then hold them and say you loved them, that it would be okay? Why did they get a small punishment? Was it because they were crying? Did I not cry enough for you? Was falling to my knees and sobbing, begging you, on MULTIPLE OCCASIONS, not enough tears for you? I guess I really am worthless to you. After this, I only ask you all of one thing. The next time Twilight shows up and asks where I am, tell her. Don't sugar-coat it. Tell her what you all did. Now it is time for my story to finish. Goodbye to everyone I once thought of as a friend.

The End.

~Sunset Shimmer
Sunset woke up spluttering. It took her a moment for her eyes to adjust, though things still looked blurry. She recognized her shower curtain. the cold water was running into her eyes, making it even harder to see.
"Sunset!? Are you awake? Sunset!" She heard someone's voice from behind her. It sounded familiar. She glanced down and saw a tan arm wrapped around her waist.
"It's not working! Try again!" shrieked a hysteric voice. She felt a finger slip into her mouth and down her throat. At the same time, the arm around her waist flexed. These combined caused her to lean forward and wretch, everything washing down the drain in front of her. Everything. Even the pills she had taken. In a moment, she realized what had happened and panicked. She flailed about for a moment and saw more blurry shapes enter the room.
"N-No!" she sobbed, tears falling already. "No! Don't! Please. Please just let me go! No, please, I don't want this, please!" she cried, leaning forward and hugging herself tightly around the arms. She saw and heard the other people in the room crowd around the tub. With one final "please" from Sunset, she fell unconscious again.
Next time Sunset woke, she heard the steady hum of electricity all around her. A light was directly above her head, and it made her flinch and groan. She felt sick and nauseous. A hand tentatively touched hers and she jolted lightly, straining to lift her head up. Her eyes were met by wide, scared, sad green ones.
"Sunset," AppleJack sighed. She heard rustling all around her and knew that the other girls had all sat up. Sunset swallowed thickly, feeling more tears prick at her eyes.
"Why?" she croaked after a minute. AppleJack looked at the others, confusion clear on her face.
"Why what, Sugarcube?"
Sunset wasn't sure why, but the fact that AppleJack called her Sugarcube made her angry. After everything she had said and done, she dared to call her such an endearing title? Sunset grit her teeth and clenched her fist, glaring at the light above.
"Why didn't you let me die?" she hissed. The tension in the room could've been cut with a knife. She didn't have to look at them to know they wore looks of horror, staring at each other in shock.
"Sunset, dear, I-"
"No!" she growled, cutting off Rarity. "Don't call me that. Do not call me dear"
Rarity looked hurt but closed her mouth and stared at her palms. No one spoke for a while until Pinkie let out a small sob from her corner.
"Sunset, I'm so sorry" she whispered. Sunset rolled her eye to watch her. Pinkie seemed duller, and sat in a ball in her chair. Her hair was flat, and was falling in long ribbons around her. Her face was flushed and she was shaking as she now openly sobbed.
"Please Sunset, we're all sorry. Please forgive us" came Rainbow Dash's gravelly voice next. She met Sunset's eye and shuddered at the deadness of it. It was dull, swimming in pools of pain and sorrow. She gave no response.
"We're sorry Sunset. You don't have to forgive us, but please just know that we all love you so, so much" came Fluttershys shaky voice. The others nodded in agreement.
Sunset just sighed and went back to staring at the ceiling.
"Please leave."
"Sunset, 'ah-"
"Leave. Now."
Four of them got up, seeing the swift nod AppleJack gave them and walked out the door. Sunset refused to look at or speak to Applejack. Finally, AppleJack sighed and stood, letting go of Sunsets hand.
"I love you." was all she said before crossing the small room and closing the door softly behind her, leaning her forehead against its cool surface and finally allowing some of her tears to escape. Before she left, she could swear she heard sobbing from the other side.

Author's Note:

This is more or less a way for me to cope with my own feelings. I'm also a horrible person. Sorry if this seems a bit non-flowey. My mind is not okay right now, so the thoughts just kind of popped into existence as I typed. Sorry if anything is wrong. Also, the romance tag isn't meant to dominate this story, as it isn't the point. I just put it there because there might be some romance at the end.

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