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This story is a sequel to Sadness

After "Sadness" events, Sunset is visiting some places in Equestria, while thinking about what happened on the other side of the mirror. And while Twilight tries to figure out how to fix all this mess and the Rainbooms face the consequences of their acting, a fourth party enters the scene.
What will happen? And who's trying to reach out to Sunset?

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With what I assume to be Luna and Celestia it should be Dost thou as opposed to do thou, and AJ should be apathetic as opposed to apathic.

I'm gonna fix the apathic to apathetic as soon as I get to my pc.
On the other issue, are they really Celestia and Luna? I don't really want to sell the mystery characters out so soon, so I have to make some changes.

One speaks with some old syntax and there are few who would, and even fewer who that one would speak in such a flippant manner with. You could probably obfuscate their identities by making it so we don’t know what the person on the other end of the line says.

Well, I didn't really want to reveal them so soon, but it will be soon enough.
I didn't really think about it when I wrote that part, and I rewrote that a couple of times. Well, they would reveal themselves in a couple of chapters though.

Well the last part was unexpected.

Flee like the sun itself is after you! Because that is literally the case!

I'm wondering if Principal Celestia and Vice Principal Luna will be dishing out punishments tot he students who sent in secrets? This may help quell some of the rage and anger in the student body.

At least report them to their parents who can hash some harsh punishments to them.
thou i do expect a brawl or two between some students.

Also hoping to see a bit more on the CMC, how they handling screwing themselves over and their families, are they still friends, will they be banned from seeing each other to often or they split up?
How they went from not spending enough time to destroying what bonds they had with their sisters.

better to be late and have a chapter fully developed than rush it and half-ass it as a result. take your time.

Well... once Celestia hears what's been happening to Sunset recently, there's gonna be trouble. So I'mm gonna go stock up on supplies, and then head for my bomb shelter. See you once the worst of the fallout has settled. :pinkiecrazy:

Love Sunset’s reaction when the other pony shows up.

evertime I read this it breaks my heart to know I can only like it once.

Rather sure they wouldn't keep saying "codename" before each codename, it got rather distracting.


Well, in various moments of history (even today in some cases) people tended to add an adjective to the name. I think about the French revolution, when before saying the surname, they added "citizen" (e.g. Citizen Robespierre, Citizen Danton), or in the middle ages and in the XVII-XVIII centuries when they always added the noble grade (e.g. Duke Wellington, Lord Nelson). They also did it in Rome: e.g. Senator Catilina, Senator Cicero, Consul Caesar, Princeps Augustus, Dictator Camillus, when they had to speak in public or in the Senate.

Since the bar (and Roam itself) is based on Rome, I used the word "codename" to avoid using latin words like "hospes" (male guest) or "hospita" (female guest), or "adventor" (customer).

Code name Janus. The two faced God of Roman Myth. Amusing that that is the most subtle of all Codenames introduced.

Sorry about the job situation, hope the next one is a better fit for ya!

Well, I found a job in June, which lasted until September, then I was unemployed again. After that I had to be hospitalized for a lot of time, due to multiple factors, and even if I got a laptop to work on, I just couldn't put myself to write, I felt like I couldn't do it, that I couldn't convey energy into doing something that I actually like doing.
Hopefully in the next days I might able to write something.

Sorry to hear that and hope you feel better soon!!!!!

Hopefully, Sunny's vacation helps her get her head back in order.

I'm glad you are ok, jeeze that must of been scary to go thru.

Hope you stay safe from the Covid-19 still.

I had a sample taken, and I was negative so I should be safe. Plus, I already stockpiled basic necessities so it's not like I'm gonna go out of home anytime soon.
Then again, if our government made like Germany and France and kept the Covid-19 disguised as pneumonia, we wouldn't have the whole country in quarantine.

Hope to see more soon, great story and series so far.

With Princess Twilight out of the question, only one person could start making things right, and unfortunately, she was finding her 'forced vacation' in Equestria quite enjoyable...

F in the chat for everyone in the human world.

Rediscovered this series. Sometimes you just need to read something little light fantasy. Really enjoyed the code names and the fact Princess Luna has a social life.

With Princess Twilight out of the question, only one person could start making things right, and unfortunately, she was finding her 'forced vacation' in Equestria quite enjoyable...

why not try switching to asia's school system for a breeze? kinda like crystal prep but no academic, only discipline. and let's cops handles problems as much as possible.

Good story i will wait for more updates

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