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This story is a sequel to Keep living for Friendship

Alex managed to somehow survive his deathmatch againts Blueblood. Now more determined than ever, he must return to let his friends know he is alive. The plan is simple, if he gets there, he will spend the next months to find a reason to stay in Equestria for good. What kind of adventures will be waiting for him? Will he finally find the peace and love he is looking for? Join Alex in his new journey and lets find together the answer for these questions.

Equestria is waiting for us!

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Very nice a great beginning i hop e this one is as good as ghe last.

5592635 believe it or not, that tittle crossed my mind, then I thought. . . .NAH.

Its a me, Botagloveio. Lets hope the sequel holds up the respect of the first one

OMF! There's colour in the title!
:rainbowkiss: and they all look so awesome
Especially Spike, since spike is best god
:pinkiegasp:Oh Faust, that needs to be a story
I'll get to that once the first chapter of my story is published
Botaglove away!

5613221 Thanks, don't worry, more is coming, but this time, chapter will take a little time since now I have an editor.

oh certainly interesting but I have a question
Being in history is always a pony or human
or maybe will alternate between the two
I would not like to be a pony ever in my opinion I like human
but ask more opinions about it

greetings and good luck

5624950 he will alternate, most of the time, human.

Aw, you coulda brought steven along, ah well

You had my curiosity and interest with the first one, now you have my full undivided attention. :pinkiehappy:

BEST STORY EVER!!! Please make more chapters :pinkiehappy:

Yay but why is he hiding himself if i was him i would rush in and start hugging everypony

5654343 he is a prankster and is afraid, remember he killed blueblood, somehow, he wants to see if it's really necesary to show himself, to see if he is missed.

Honestly, if it was me I would "accidentally" let one of them see me just to see if they would look for me. All in good fun of course. :scootangel:

5659687 That's. . . . I thought about that, but it was rejected later, it was kinda cruel. but funny, I'll see if I do it, no promises.

>>Alejin Naw man, it's your story do whatever you want with it. I'm just along for the ride. Also, giving Alex the name Axel, was that supposed to be a Kingdom Hearts reference?

5659711 just teasing my character for not having imagination, and well. . . maybe the fact I'm too impatient waiting for kingdom hearts 3 had something to do.

5659762 Me too. My friend showed me the trailer and my jaw dropped. And it's good to see that your story did so well. Mine was canned because of so much negativity. Looking back at it, I guess I kind of wussed out. :facehoof:

5659778 trust me, my story (the first one) started with 25 dislikes ahead, but I didn't stop, many people followed, favorited and told me how they liked my story, it took a long time, a really long time but finally my story has more likes than dislikes, the secret is keep going, there will be hate and critic, I'd rather to ignore them, it's not for them I'm writting, many people just like to tease and being idiots, but what can we do nothing, just take it with laugh and keep going.

5659793 Alright, I'll try again with a new story and this time I think I'm gonna plan this one out than just going with the flow. To quote a wise man.

5659823 that's a good plan, but let me be honest with you, many chapters (at least the 70%) I wrote them just by going with the flow, (I know it wasn't a good idea but it worked) anyway, the second season, at least for this first ark I have a plan, a plot and the bad guys, (I hope people like them). and I got me an editor and pro readers. you should, trust me, it works, I wonder why I never got me an editor for KLFF, anyway , cya later.

Yay warm fuzzies all arounds i love the fact that he would ever so slip up and talk to the girl as normal keep up the good work .

The feels have been doubled. :pinkiehappy:

Still great!
Also the grammar is better then the first so great job! :pinkiehappy:

5706939 thanks, a friend is helping me with the edition.

You sir are f****** amazing so far so good and MOAR PLZ?

Finally an update, thank you so much! :twilightsheepish:

Gladiator Tournament? Sign me up.:rainbowdetermined2:

This story deserves at least 100 likes because it is really good. Keep up the good work! :pinkiehappy:

Spike gave a weird look at Alex after hearing this from Rarity.

Don't mess with dragon love, boy.
Step on the wrong side a the fence and you're gonna get burnt.

I love it. I didn't know about this sequel until today.

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