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I was driving home one evening and my car runs out of gas. So I try to get more, but as I was walking to the gas station, I get zapped by a purple lightning bolt and end up in a world of talking ponies. How did this happen? And why does this world look awfully familiar, like it's some sort of kids cartoon? Well, I am stuck here for while...maybe more than a while actually.

*Category tags are to change/to be added as story progresses*

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Why is it always blue or purple?!

So many stories named 'Stuck', but eh, no one ever seems to notice.


I take a bite and it is probably one of the best apples I have ever had.

Eating nothing but junk food will do that to some people

5155676 Who said I enjoy just junk food. HEALTHY LIVING FOR THE WIN! (Though I do have a bit of a sweet tooth, I just exercise that off no problem)

In one of her fore hooves, she is holding a baby pony that has a brown mane, brown tail and brown eyes with a horn upon its head.

Pound Cake is a pegasus, not a unicorn

Congrats you made me look up what unserviceable meant (you can take that as sarcasm or a compliment) kinda surprised RD knows that it's an unserviceable day though

I don't want Nick to go back home... Anyway, great chapter!:pinkiesmile:

How do you have them not questioning his phone I mean Twi should have al least asked what it was and how it works. Other thab that great story

5298059 Thanks for the input. I'll try to fix that when I get the chance. Much obliged!

Lulu and Tia are trolls and I like it

I ordered a cucumber sandwich because that sounds like it's the only thing I can eat in this place.

What about meat? Oh, that's right: Ponies are intolerant assholes


Exactly, they feed cabbages to their dogs and cats pet.

Comment posted by Fireheart 1945 deleted Feb 4th, 2015

nice to some more interactions with the main six

This... Could use some work... :unsuresweetie:

Maybe make it a bit more wordy. As it is, It's really short. Sorry I can't really give more advice, There's just not much to go on here...

not bad but you the g in knowing

This story is like watching a train wreck you know what's going to happen but you can't look away

5378520 actully its cause since ponies cant eat meat due to their biology and their teeth

try workin on AJ's accent, like this; mah apples, ah'll buck the vermin tha' ate mah apples.

Only one (1) problem in two (2) parts (which I'm probably over thinking it), which are Grammar and spelling. But, other then that, it's a decent enough of a story.

Ya has a few typos. Like God instead of good and another one earlier in the chapter when twilight was being talked about

“About fifteen songs. Hip Hop, R&B, Rock, Contemporary and Pop, were the main genres.”
“And those are the only genre’s we should stick with,” My buddy Pat says. “Cause almost every other genre sucks!”

Where are my torches and pitchforks?

NUU! I need an update or ill diiiiiiiiiiiiieeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!:raritydespair:

6014255 sorry ponys can actually eat meat they just can't digest much fat...

To quote an earlier comment "it's like a train wreck, you know what's going to happen but you can't look away..." And it's so true...

GD you and your cliffhangers you'd better have the next one almost ready or I'll be leading the charge to your house

To arms I say.
Today we walk in faith, in valour and most importantly friendship. Today we march together in comradery. Today we march for what we believe in. Lastly, today we march together with one intention, to kill the guy who left us with a cliff-hanger.


Don't worry. I have the next one almost done. I just need to give it a couple more proof reads. I'll have it out by either tomorrow or the day after. So you shouldn't have to wait long. So no need to call for an angry mob. Patience please.

Ok no angry mod.
Wait tomorrow or the day after. Dude you are a writing machine.
Did you like my inspirational speech?

Minion! Get the Hunter squad and tell them to go get their snipers. It's time for them to hunt cliffhangers.

6793131 *Holds up a hand to stop the army* OK give him his 3 days then we either get outr chapter or we march on to his doorstep

This long cliff-hanger could mean anything....

Wow, that was devastating for Nick. What's next?

Wow! That was pretty much what I thought it would be.
But hay (teehee) if the might be darkness and more plot lines I'm in

6799617 Stuff both good and bad

It's just as the title of the story said.....

Have you ever thought of making an alt chapter where he does get sent home. The way you ended the last chapter it seemed like that was what you were going to do

-He will visit his family in a dream.
-Princesses get his phone working and he just calls them.
-Princesses somehow hijack a TV and send a video through.

7003845 only one of those are correct

7004453 I was only listing options.

I find this bit as an interesting perspective:

Like what you said, who knows how everypony would react if they learned that their lives were false, fictional and scripted.

I find myself disagreeing a bit, there are several ways to show that in a diferent light.
My favourite is from my friend Switchlock, a character in one of his fics explains that with a variation of "the multiverse theory", saying that there are infinite number of different worlds and that some of them are connected to one another via works of fiction.
In short, human lands in equestria and meets a changeling that is infact his own OC, this changeling has a sibling that writes fiction about humans and Earth, this sibling did also create his own "OC human" who just happens to be the main character. Yet they both agree that neither of them are fictional and that both of them are equally real.
Situation in your fic is a bit similar, but not quite the same: Equestria does have faritails about humans and humans have theyr own "faritails" about ponies, he did even say almost exactly that to the foals in the school, as I see it, there is no harm in teling some things, which shouldn't be a problem for him, as he knows next to nothing. That and if theyr lives were in fact "scripted and predetermined" than he wouldn't be there in the first place, his own presence is a proof that future isn't set in stone as it WILL change with him being there and move away from the "script".

Just wanted to point something out. :twilightblush:

Liquid sadness :fluttercry:
Liquid sadness everywhere :raritycry:

"Hello!...Hello...Hello...Hello...Echo!...Echo...Echo…Now batting...batting...for the Philadelphia Phillies...Phillies...Ryan Howard!...Howard...Howard...Cool."

7163675 was waiting for someone to get that reference

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