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After forgetting to go grocery shopping for Spike to make dinner, Twilight decided to do the next best thing: go to Hayburger. Her, Spike and Starlight know exactly what they want, but there's some complications.

Popular Box: 8/11/17

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Oh man I wonder what they'll do for frozen treats next? Maybe they could stop by Sugar Cube Corner?

Story Approver

“Okay,” Spike started off, “about a week ago, Starlight and Trixie came in here and when they got back to the castle, they told me the machine was broke then. A couple weeks ago, when I came here with Minuette, the machine was broke then. And going back way more than a year ago, when Twilight was having ‘Twilight Time’ with the crusaders, the machine was, you guessed it, broke. How is it still broken?”

“Why were you here with Minuette?” Starlight asked, looking directly at the drake with a raised eyebrow.

His cheeks started to flush red. He looked down at the floor and scratched the back of his neck. “Um...I-I-I, well...we’ll talk about that later.” Spike moved his eyes back to the Hayburger employee. There are more important issues than Spike’s love life. “How have you guys not fixed it yet?”

I see, you're a man of the culture as well:moustache:

I used to work at a McDonald's. The ice cream machine gave us fits all the freakin' time.

Spike could fixed them.

When they were ordering, she said 'fires' instead of 'fries' and then there was 'frozen teat' instead of 'frozen treat'.

That last one was actually quite humorous.

thanks for pointing that out

I really enjoyed reading this and I even groaned when I read the ice cream machine broke.....darn you McDonalds.....:pinkiesad2:

I used to work at a McDonalds and can personally attest that the ice cream machine breaking is one of the most infuriating things ever. It's even worse because I'm well-versed in engineering and mechanical repair and usually am capable of fixing it myself.

For the record, the very idea of chili-chipotle-cherry-chonga cupcakes should be banned

Something tells me that the same should apply to jalapeño red velvet omelettes.

Also, curse you fast food ice cream machines!

i just went to a mcdonalds earlier this evening, their machine is never broken, and guess what, it was down!! Bruh, how cruel fate is

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