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Twilight listened silently to the entirety of Rarity's explanation. Then, coconut milk still dripping from her chin, she turned to an increasingly sheepish Pinkie. "Interesting theory. I must confess I have entertained similar ideas. It's just that I don't think I am the most powerful pony in this room. You are."

I agree with Twilight in that, but I don't believe Twilight would realize it. She's too busy trying to analyze it all through the lens of physics, and that's completely the wrong lens for analyzing Diane Lokisdottir (which in my headcanon is literal truth, albeit not a patronymic)

Ah, I see, another person who thinks Pinkie is, in fact, the daughter of the Trickster God himself. Pleased to meet you. :pinkiehappy:

In my case, the ancestry is much more distant, and she's merely a genetic throwback. I still use the matronymic because the only time the name would be used in-universe is when traveling as a human, which would cause the next immediate member of the line of descent to raise questions she'd rather not answer. (Of course I'm going to involve Sleipnir with the pony who sometimes sprouts additional legs)

That’s cool. I personally like to imagine that Loki was hopping realities and ran across a certain sexy Amish-pone and did things with her while her husband was away. . .

Which would mean, if I can recall the time frames of their births we’ve been given, that her other sisters, or at least Maud and Marble, are his daughters as well.

Which kinda fits, when one looks at his children from Mythology. They were all really different, and each had a unique . . . issue, to deal with.

Pinkie couldve opened the coconut herself on the table, except it would either be a coconut pancake, a perfectly formed coconut key lime pie, or a small furry animal from Alpha Cantauri. :twilightoops:

Huh. Can't say I recall what I said that inspired this, though I have to disagree with your conclusions. While there does seem to be an inverse relationshp between power and finesse in ponies, there certainly isn't one between power and intelligence.

Well, except for Tirek. He's a textbook example of the brain shutting down once the body's powerful enough to preclude the need for cunning.

Also, Twilight had no more to do with the castle than any other member of the Mane Six. That was mostly the Tree of Harmony's doing

But yeah, Twilight may not have, say, Rarity's fine control, but she's still the smartest cookie in the batch. When it doesn't seem like it, that's not alicorn uselessness; it's just Twilighting.

Well, it wasn't exactly the scientific method that reached these conclusions, either.

Ah, but Pinkie is making the classic error of assuming that intelligence= finesse.

When you have to drive a nail, does the smart person reach for a saw in order to jury-rig a complex pounding mechanism, or just use the damned hammer like it was made for?

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