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While waiting out a windstorm in a sanctuary pine, Fluttershy and Rainbow Dash share a tender moment.

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Short, sweet and well written. Love it! :heart:



Thank you!

Awwwww. I don't even ship this, and still found it adorable! Great work!

i ship them to THE MOOOOOON

Do you know one thing I love / hate in fandom in general? That when you read stories in which characters have a love affair and these stories are really well written like in your case, you do not know which pairing you fancy. Here is the FlutterDash, but in the continuity of Homecoming there is the AppleDash and if I tell you about other pairing of other stories we get Christmas, and when I read all these pairing and are well written my brain is frozen. Anyway, you have written a beautiful story and I do my best compliments.

P.s: but there are two pairing in this fandom that I'm tying more than others, namely SunsetxSci-Twi and PinkiexSonata. Still compliments and I hope that your future stories will always be a great success.

*Sigh* I really don't like what the fandom is turning Fluttershy into. I know season 7 has demonstrated how much Fluttershy has grown, but that's what's causing the problem. She's being written off like she has no flaws at all anymore, while others are still being written off with flaws.

The worst part is that, while it isn't exactly confirmed in the story, the story is making it sound like Fluttershy actually has a chance of beating Rainbow Dash in a race. Because if that happened, there's no contest in my mind that Fluttershy is being turned into a Mary Sue. Because I no longer see people giving Fluttershy any sort of flaws.


It was never my intent to imply Fluttershy had a chance to beat Dash. I mention her being a wonderbolt explicitly.

The intention was to add a bit of flirty fun to the pair by Shy suggestion a contest they both know she won't win with a kiss as the prize. I'll try to be a little more clear in the future.

8191167 Fluttershy's the one who mentions that, but only uses that as a reason for why Rainbow should be more responsible with taking care of her wings. This story focused only on Rainbow's flaws and nothing on Fluttershy's.

Nice story. Always nice seeing stories where they are already together and its also nice seeing cute stuff

Rainbow Dash and Fluttershy are my two favorite ponies, and this story was pretty cute.

8191167 Is this canon to your previous work? I thought PonyShy was with PriTwi?


Non-canon, just a fun little idea I had.

Well, this beats my fan fiction by a long mile... Nice job.

So cute~ Usually a fan of other Shy ships but this and a few others make Flutterdash so adorable. :twilightblush:

This fic. I like it.

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