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Applejack decided to do a quick apple sale on Hearth's Warming Eve, but didn't anticipate the weather to be so cold. She was feeling cold to the bone within an hour and only had a thin jacket on. Fortunately, a friend passing by can help her out.

Popular Box: 12/12/17

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Comments ( 9 )

Short and sweet.
Perfect one-shot.

And we can't deprive Spike of good coffee now, can we ?

Why didn't AJ just go home WITH the cart, get her coat, and come back again? :facehoof:

Wonder where Starlight gets all that cash :3
Cutie story~

A cute little Christmas one shot

30 degrees Fahrenheit is very cold? Clearly you come from somewhere warm. :twilightsmile:

im from jersey. to me, 30 degrees is cold af


It's all relative, I suppose. Lived in upstate NY for a while and for me it doesn't really get alarmingly cold until you get below 20.

That was a cute little slice-of-life story. :twilightsmile: Thanks for sharing! :pinkiehappy:

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