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Writer, Actor, Singer, Rapper, Aspiring Brony Voice Actor, Artist, Funny Guy, College Student & Aspiring History Teacher. I'm just a guy who wants to make an impact or mark in one way, shape or form.


Aaron is a hard working college student. He's been working day in and day out on a challenging paper. After finishing up his work for the evening, he starts to feel tense. Fortunately, his friend, Cloud Kicker, is willing to help relieve him of any tensions or stress he may have.

Popular Box: 7/28/17

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Comments ( 10 )

Awww.....what a sweet, warm story. I wish I had a pony friend or any friend that would cuddle me like that!
Very nicely written!

Huh... cute

...Maybe it's because of my knowledge of what Winningverse Cloud Kicker is like, but when I read the synopsis my mind went in a very dirty direction.

Wow, when I read that "Oi vey" I thought this'll be a /pol/ trollfic. Kind of forgot that it's used in contexts other than memes.

i didn't know it was used in memes

It's exclusive to obscure political memes, most people don't see it that way so no point thinking about it. I just saw it as that because I hang around on sites that use it.

Liked, Favorite, this story turned a rather hectic day relaxing. Any plans to continue this? I like what character development we got here, and it seems sad to let it go to waste.

This story, save for a few minor diction/structure errors, is an unrivaled masterpiece.

I, CategoricalGrant, FimFiction's undisputed master of pony snuggles, give it 12/10.

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