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I'm just a random guy who wants to read good fanfics. If you want to know anything about me, (I doubt any of you do, but you never know) just ask me

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Ben and Nate awaken in the city of Maretropolis, a bustling futuristic city the likes of which they had only witnessed in fiction, where they've become Megaman and Protoman. Two scientists by the name of Twilight Sparkle and Sunset Shimmer aid them as they adjust to this new place.

A collab between me and my friends Azure and Brony Parasite. Been in the works for over a year now. Any feedback will be appreciated

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Well, my life has gone insane. I was attending my first ever convention with my mom and sister, dressed in a costume that looks like a black and blue Spider-Man that took me months to make. Then I find someone who offers me a mask and sword that'll complete my costume. Next thing I know, I'm in an anthro version of Equestria with all of Spider-Man's powers and abilities and my sister is a pink hedgehog with a hammer.

My own little take on a Displaced story. This is my first ever story, so constructive criticism is appreciated. Rated T for some swearing. Also, first 2 chapters are currently pretty bad but the rest is decent so please don't judge it until you finish chapter 3.

Feedback (your thoughts in the comments) on chapters will be appreciated.

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