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After a summoning spell goes awry, Twilight somehow manages to bring three of the biggest badasses in gaming history into Equestria. After trashing part of Ponyville in an impromptu brawl, they are brought to Celestia. What could possibly go wrong?

Crossover with Fallout: New Vegas, The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim and Mass Effect.

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Sounds like the start of a bad joke... go on...

I can't wait for more:pinkiehappy:

*backs away due to epicness*:rainbowderp:

Needs more Freeman and Master Chief. Other than that, great job! I really like the interactions between the different races and people!

hmmm... interesting. Are you going to delve into the details of the battle at all?


I'm giggling like a madman at the prospect that this has. Seriously, I can't stop and it's making typing nearly impossible. xD

You sir, Are fucking awesome.

that is all.

No bad :D
I totally expected something else as an intro but this was pretty calm. Nice.
Making the genders differences from the original character of Shepard was...dissapoint.

But pretty good. I'm staying for the ride :P :pinkiehappy:


Comment posted by Darksoul deleted Oct 9th, 2013

Wow. I'm already liking this. :rainbowlaugh:

lockpicks.........guards gotta hate'em

You brought the Power-Fist into this. I instantly liked it.:twilightsmile:

In my humble opinion, (mind, this is only my opinion and I hope you don't take any of this as an insult, because it is not intended as such.) I find a couple things out of place. 1: I don't imagine Celestia thinking what a magnificent beard it was it just doesn't seem like the sort of thing she would think or say. 2: while I don't know what was done to her, I never could see Zecora demanding compensation. or asking for it all that much. She is always kind and patient. I could list more, but I'm really trying to just make examples that your character grasp doesn't seem incredibly solid. (just my opinon)
now for other qualms. You rush into Twilight's power a bit too quickly. You established that she was powerful enough to grasp people from other dimensions and Celestia's surprise in just a few sentences. I feel for something that is so ridiculous (not necessarily in a bad way, mind) should have somewhat more attention granted to it. How would Twilight have flushed? that has to do with skin tone and she is covered in fur. Also, why exactly would these three videogame characters not notice or care about talking ponies and instead decide to fight eachother? Shepard would not be so eager to a fight, I think, no matter how you played him, though I'll admit that dovahkiin and the courier would be much more malleable as characters. Anyway, That's what I can think of without drowning you in my criticisms. This is, to be fair, not the sort of story I tend to read, but the title grabbed my interest. and again, I apologize if this sounds like me trying to insult you, I just am trying to help out with some constructive criticism. I apologize if it's unwelcome and hopefully I have not offended you. :pinkiehappy:

Yes. This is. Yes.

*me searching through fimfiction*

*sees this*

*reads description*

*reads chapter*



I'm going to be very upset if it turns out that this story has had no forward planning and ends up getting dropped by the author.

Lol this is good but you need to establish the surprise of talking unicorns ponies and pegasi, and you also need to show if Shepard is a renegade or paragon(i like paragon more) and the karma level of the courier, and you did the son of skyrim well on dovahkiin though lol....
Also i didnt see the beard thought from celestia as necessary... or even in character, also i personaly think shepard is best played as a male, ive played both genders and i prefer male because the sheer strength needed in most situations in outstanding and no offence but the female shep is quite small, lean and muscular, but small, far too small to do some of the things that the male shepard looks like he can do. :twilightsmile: so anyways, its really good, i usualy HATE crossovers but this caught my eye lol.... anyways thank you!

Me: Browsing Le Stories :D

Me: See Le Storie :I

Me: Read Le Description :pinkiegasp:

Me: Read Chapter like Le Boss :moustache: :D

Me: Shit Just Got Real ... BOOM

Some Random Guy: Holy Shit That Guys Head Exploded What Was He Reading?!

Some Random Guy: Reads Story ... BOOM ...

The Cycle Repeats U MAD BRO :D

This is going to be badass. I can tell.

Only one word in my mind to describe this moment "EPIC":yay:

His armor is described as white. Maybe Dragon Plate. But Dragon Plate armor doesn't have wicked spikes on them, and Celestia would probably have commented that it was all made of bone. Most likely Daedric then.

And then Celestia magically suspends them like a boss, and doesn't let them down until they agree to learn friendship.:trollestia:

*Wakes up in the morning. Go on FimFiction.*


What the fuck. How is this so popular. Thank you everyone who gave this a chance. You have NO idea how happy I was when I saw all your comments.

714763>>714500 Actually, it is Dragon Plate armour. The 'wicked spikes' came from the pauldrons. If you look at a picture of Dragon Plate Armour you'll see what I mean. Though I might remove that remark if it confuses more people.

714143 I always play my characters good. It's kinda weird. I'm something of an ass in real life, but I am incredibly sympathetic to videogame characters. Yeah. Also, I find that strength based on Shepards gender doesn't really matter, especially if you play as a Vanguard (Biotic Charge FTW). As for Celestia's beard comment... I dunno, I just felt the need to point out the Glorious Beard of Dragonslaying (That is now a thing).

713794 I think that anyone would be a bit p'd off if some complete stranger flew through the air and damaged their house. Who's to say the Courier didn't deck Shepard like she did the Dovahkiin? And I've addressed Celestias beard comment, though it is a somewhat flimsy excuse. As for Twilight flushing? I guess my mind has been tainted by so many ship-fics that it seems perfectly normal to me that ponies can blush through their fur (Also that's another thing that bugs me. Is it hair or fur?) Characters not reacting so strangely to talking ponies or pegasi or unicorns. Let's see:
The Dovahkiin has spoken to dragons and, if you did Clavicus Viles Daedric quest (My Dovahkiin has done them all) a talking dog, as well as what are basically gods themselves in person (Sheogorath, Sanguine, Nocturnal, Hircine in different avatars)
The Courier lives in a land where most animals are horribly mutated in some way. True, the chances of her seeing a pony are quite small ( If they even still exist in the Fallout universe) But she's spoken to weirder. The Think Tank, for instance. Though the whole magic element will be very weird for her.
And Shepard. Well, first of all in regards to Shepard not being so eager as to get into a fight... um... uh. Hm. Well, how about this: No matter how nice or good I play my characters, I am very confrontational in games. Don't get me wrong, if there's a diplomatic solution I'll take it before anything else, but otherwise everyone in the vicinity of the character gets their lights punched out. And they are all very confused. One of the major things they have in common is fighting. What better way to connect? (Pun not intended) Anyway, non-reacting to magical talking ponies.
She lives in space. And has met dozens of different alien species. She could just think that Equestrians are just an alien species that looks a lot like ponies... and can use magic... and fly (She'll probably blame that on Mass Effect fields.) But don't worry, I didn't take any offence. I was expecting criticism of some sort, and if I didn't get it I would be very surprised.

713635 Sorry for making you sit through my Wall of Text, but it isn't the power fist. It's the Displacer Glove, a very rare unarmed weapon. But don't worry, I always play my Courier unarmed, so it could show up in the future.

Thanks again to EVERYONE. I love you all.

4 words shit just got real
anyway keep it up :pinkiehappy: :pinkiehappy: :pinkiehappy: :pinkiehappy: :pinkiehappy: :pinkiehappy: :pinkiehappy:

Yes, I am aware now. Haven't played Skyrim for some time now so I kind of pictured the armor wrong. For some reason I didn't decide to look it up.

On a side note, completely unrelated to my comment; In fact, ponies do flush in the actual show. I recall seeing it on numerous occasions, so the fanbase aren't to blame entirely. :rainbowwild:

oh this is gooodddd

Good God. I'm currently working on the second chapter and it's like every five minutes '2 new notifications'.
How do people keep finding this?

It is on the popular stories list

715733 So it is. That's kind of amazing.

*sees title*ยจ
*realizes it's female shep*
There are other fics anyway

715866 Ah come on, at least give it a chance? You might like the other two more while constantly hating on FemShep.

.....I'll see where this goes

please write the conversation between the chars before the fight broke out so we can get a better feel for them


FUS RO good chapter.

dead money so much money

Yeah, the fight is gonna be so badass.
It's a shame that the Lone Wanderer isn't there, though.

Very nice chapter. Absolutely love it. *Does more flattery*

Comment posted by Darksoul deleted Oct 9th, 2013

717071 Actually, I never really thought of villains from other video games. The Overlord might be good, but now I'm thinking of, say, a commissar or Space Marine from Warhammer 40k, you know, to add the contrast of good humans nice towards ponies and bad humans thinking the ponies are xenos scum that have to be purged in the name of the Emperor.
Also it would give me a valid excuse for the Courier to have a chainsword.
'Cause chainswords are boss.

Comment posted by Darksoul deleted Oct 9th, 2013

717135 I think that if I did have a Spess Mahreen, he would be a normal one. And would be friendly towards the three. Until he started talking about 'purging the xenos scum', at which point he would be evil/ an antagonist. And maybe a follower of Tzeentch that turns the Mahreen to Chaos when he's desperate.
You know, if you have any more ideas, may as well PM me. Don't really wanna clog the comments with discussions for villains.

meh this was ok. Then agian I can't say very much since all my stories are apparently shit because of what other people think.

It didn't really make sense when they went like "HUR HUR just testing ya ruling status." :pinkiecrazy:

regardless it was an ok chapter. Kinda hoped there would be more.

717397 Okay that actually made me laugh. But if ya think about it, they kinda have good reason. They all know that appearances can be decieving, and both The Courier and The Dragonborn have dealt with bad rulers (Caeser for the Courier, and from my PoV at least Jarl Ulfric for the Dragonborn. And before anyone says that Ulfric did care for his people, he was incredibly racist towards anyone that wasn't a Nord or Imperial. Though he has a good reason for hating High Elves. Fuckin' Thalmor). As for Shepard, really I can only think of the Council. I know they weren't bad, but they have been kind of dicks to her for almost as long as she's known them. Taking out anger, maybe?

Twenty bucks on Shepard

No i understand the reasons behind it but it seemed...wrong for some reason. Like something just wasn't right about how it played out. I get they would feel that way but the way they expressed it by testing her in such a remedial way was just...:rainbowhuh:...Not saying they shouldn't feel that way. I personally believe it felt just a bit off and out of character in a way. I mean both those characters did judge leaders but they also judged them over time. And i think their simultanious 'hey we should test her' without talking to eachother felt wrong to me...That is what happened right? I didn't skip a important detail? :applejackconfused:

You call marines bad again and I will have this whole god-damned planet ordered for exterminatus.

2 thing first 3 word yes times infinite seconde 3 letters WTF and yes again
anyway keep it up :pinkiehappy: :pinkiehappy: :pinkiehappy: :pinkiehappy: :pinkiehappy: :pinkiehappy: :pinkiehappy: :pinkiehappy: :pinkiehappy: :pinkiehappy: :pinkiehappy: :pinkiehappy: :pinkiehappy:



Orks FTW

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