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-The character doesn't have to die, it can be a near death experience of some sort.

-Respect others

-tell me if a folder needs to be added.

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371604 The name of my story is Fluttershy Batwings check it out

371575 And that is why things are so different in my story because Celestia was killed by Tirek 1000 years ago and Empress Luna has been sole ruler ever since. Now Ponyville is a industrialised, gothic looking metropolis

371569 A lot of the characters in my story are going to die. And Celestia is already dead

371567 well, we almost lost Braeburn, Pinkie, and Caramel, but they're fine.

371566 I have that too and the reason why the fillies are getting killed in the pediatric wing of the hospitals is because Sombra's troops are on mind altering drugs like meth to make them crazy

371565 no. Just people getting torn to shreds by machine gun fire, losing body parts from artillery, and the usual stuff in war.

371443 But does any story have sick fillies being stabbed and shot to death in their hospital beds?

371418 your story isn't the only one with war.

371314 My story has massacres. Infact there is a genocidal war in it

I got a story with a lot of deaths

one of the ones I submitted is getting close to losing someone

I've got a story about all about life and death.

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