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Dawn Darkness

An author practicing with the world of colorful ponies. I hope we can be great friends, fellow pony fans!


Once upon a time, there was a young man who have had a boring life on Earth.

While his life on Earth has been lonely, he found himself a pen pal who he often wrote to. After meeting his pal in person one day at school, he gets to see the kingdom of Bloodonia, the home of Merlin Spark VII.

After a year living in Bloodonia, Daniel gets pulled into the magical land of Equestria, a world he only knew from stories that his parents told him about while growing up, whereas he would go by a whole new name: Dawn Darkness.

Join the easy-going, fun-loving Pegasus on his journey to find a way to his parents and have his life completed once and for all.

The character, Merlin Spark VII/Solar Eclipse, belongs to Edward Sapphire. All scenes involving him is with thanks to my good friend who has a special place in this story for his character.

This story contains references to various things involving Disney/Pixar ONWARD, Harry Potter, and other things that represent fantasy.

(I've disabled the ratings because I don't think it is fair to dislike a story when reading it. I would like to have thoughts on the story instead of the rating system. Hope you all understand.)

Co-author(s): Edward Sapphire and Admirer Boy

Opening Theme: Nameless Story

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Huh, nice. I guess we have something in regarding of receiving his help, then. Thanks for letting me know of his previous collaborations, Mister E.

I wonder what his reaction will be like when he’s turn into a pony. Also, this rewrite version is very impressive you did a great job.

Thanks, I'm glad you liked it! I am always happy to receive such comments. We appreciate it (myself and Edward).

Yep. I knew he would be surprised when he’s now turned into a Pegasus. Good job on your rewrite chapter this is going well.

You can thank me as well.
I mean, I’m not his partner on that one for nothing.
Also... you’re welcome.

Planning something? It can't be a trap, can it? Oh, wait: IT'S A TRAP!

when did Admiral Ackbar get here

Good question. Why did he think of that? Well, thanks for commenting, Wartank. We appreciate you read our piece. I hope you got a fun time reading that part, good sir.

Enjoy your time here with the story!

He used the word VOLTAR THUNDASIR from the movie Onward. And I really hope Dawn will be able to fly. I have to say you two did a good job on this new chapter. I like it. Also, have a great day!

Well, it didn't work. So...yeah, no luck there with the spell. Thanks, we appreciate you enjoy the story so far!

Hum, getting better keep it up

That was kinda my idea. You see... since both Dawn Darkness and Solar Eclipse both grew up on Earth, it be pretty obvious that they both have picked up different spells from other franchises like Harry Potter or ONWARD.

definite improvement over earlier chapters, would help to narrate more of what Dawn is thinking in general, the part were he goes with RD and talk about learning to fly is actually an interesting deviation and that he already make his first romantic interest was nice. the Part that his grand father was Wonderbolt was also nice and could make for some interesting development. Peek it up

Thanks. We're glad you enjoyed it. Yes, I'll definitely keep it in mind to what Dawn is thinking for what he is in with the Mane Six on their adventures. Keep tuning in for the next couple of chapters.

You drew inspiration from my story (My Journey In Equestria) in that, in chapter 1, your OC meets Fluttershy first! Very good!

No, I did not. It was my own idea with Edward Sapphire helping on that. I haven't even read your story, so how can you say that?

Allow me to throw you a link to chapter 1 of My Journey In Equestria: https://www.fimfiction.net/story/500647/2/my-journey-in-equestria/1-from-out-of-nowhere
Compare that chapter with chapter 1 of your story, and you’ll notice the similarity.

Oh, right. I get it now. You published chapter 1 of your story before I published chapter 1 of mine. My apologies!

No thanks. I'll pass. I have other interests right now, such as reading fiction books (in Danish) and do my own currently. So I have no time to read your fanfic.

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