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Dawn Darkness

I am a science fiction and fantasy author who is practicing with the world of My Little Pony. Also there is an original science fantasy trilogy that is in the works.

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Lunar Star and Night Shadow, two royal Day Guards, are just given a mission from Princess Celestia herself to explore a distant planet and know about their lifestyles, culture, among others.

As they explore the planet, Terra (Earth), they soon discover some people are not very likely to be helpful to them.

However, as they have an exploration team, called the Classified Command Squad, the two former pegasus-turned-humans discover some deeper secrets about this distant planet.

An action adventure-focused fanfiction.

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This story is a sequel to Project: Earth - A Dawn Before Twilight Prequel

The character, Merlin Spark VII/Solar Eclipse, belongs to Edward Sapphire. All scenes involving him is with thanks to my good friend who has a special place in this story for his character.

This story contains references to various things involving Disney/Pixar ONWARD, Harry Potter, and other things that represent fantasy.

Co-author: Edward Sapphire (loosely written some parts of the story)

Opening Theme: Nameless Story

There was once a human who grew up on Earth all alone with only his parents to support him, however that soon changed when he met his pen pal at his school in the city of Kalundborg. Daniel and Merlin was soon in trouble by three bullies who enjoyed making fun of Daniel, and Merlin decided to take this lonely-life away for his friend by inviting him to live in Bloodonia, a small kingdom that was by the docks of Kalundborg.

Once in Equestria, Daniel (going by his Equestrian name, Dawn Darkness) seeks out Princess Celestia while the Summer Sun Celebration was happening. Meeting six different ponies, Dawn joined them before he settled in Ponyville with his grandparents.

Join him and the Mane Six on their many adventures throughout Equestria, facing many challenges, learn valuable friendship lessons and, most important of all, have fun along the way.

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