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An author practicing with the world of colorful ponies. I hope we can be great friends, fellow pony fans!

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Book One of the Fall of Sunset Shimmer ten book series!

Sunset always had the dream of becoming Princess Celestia's prodigy student. Her magical supreme prowess has proven time and time again, and now, her dream might come true as she moves to her own tower in Canterlot while dealing with the School of Gifted Unicorns' students.

Her path will eventually lead her to a different road, however. And will she have the full will to accept what lies in front of her? There is only time to tell if she's willing to go down that road to what lies beyond it.

This is just a side project, and a smaller scale writing project beside my self-insertion story.

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Once upon a time, there was a young man who have had a boring life on Earth.

While his life on Earth has been lonely, he found himself a pen pal who he often wrote to. After meeting his pal in person one day at school, he gets to see the kingdom of Bloodonia, the home of Merlin Spark VII.

After a year living in Bloodonia, Daniel gets pulled into the magical land of Equestria, a world he only knew from stories that his parents told him about while growing up, whereas he would go by a whole new name: Dawn Darkness.

Join the easy-going, fun-loving Pegasus on his journey to find a way to his parents and have his life completed once and for all.

The character, Merlin Spark VII/Solar Eclipse, belongs to Edward Sapphire. All scenes involving him is with thanks to my good friend who has a special place in this story for his character.

This story contains references to various things involving Disney/Pixar ONWARD, Harry Potter, and other things that represent fantasy.

(I've disabled the ratings because I don't think it is fair to dislike a story when reading it. I would like to have thoughts on the story instead of the rating system. Hope you all understand.)

Co-author(s): Edward Sapphire and Admirer Boy

Opening Theme: Nameless Story

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