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Just a guy who found out that a show about talking ponies is a lot better than I expected.


This story is a sequel to Generational Divide

(Takes place during Chapter Fifteen of Generational Divide)

The battle against Opaline has been won, and the two groups of friendship-defending ponies are squeezing in the last few minutes of time they can spend together. Misty in particular has questions regarding her new Cutie Mark, so Applejack sends her to some experts.
Cover art by Little Tigress.

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I swear this story was out already. Maybe I'm just thinking of the cover art though.

Absolutely adored this one-shot in-between story (set in the finale couple of chapters of your previous story) that had Misty interacting with the Crusaders with the latter helping the former gain a better understanding of her special talent. Also like the point that it IS VERY possible to be good at things other than ones' special talent.

Wonderful! There's been a few tim in FiM where I thought the resolution would've been better had the CMC been there to handle it, and that certainly applies to Misty. Glad to see you were able to make it possible in this fic.

This was a nice bonus to the other story.

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This was nice, I still have to get around to reading your fic… or watching G5 for that matter.

But this was definitely something nice and heart warming :twilightsmile:

"Meh. Honestly, we've seen weirder things," said Sweetie Bell. "Living in what has to be the weirdness capital of Equestria will do that to you."

Definitely nothing normal about Equestria sometimes it could be a good thing

"Yeah. I was gonna guess your mark was like Fluttershy's. Maybe having something to do with animals," said Apple Bloom. "Can you tell us any more?"

Now you mention it yeah I never thought of that

This was definitely a pretty nice story and also awesome for the Cutie Mark Crusaders helping Misty to figure out her own cutie mark problem and she was surprised how understanding and supportive they are for her sometimes you just have to figure out what your purpose is it may be hard but sooner or later you will find it and I like the message and it's always nice to see old and new generation collide with each other keep up the good work

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