This story is a sequel to The Last Rays of Light

Warning: Contains spoilers for Equestria Girls: Forgotten Friendship!

When her friends lose all memories of her redemption and their subsequent friendships, Sunset Shimmer gathers the courage to return to Equestria to seek help and knowledge from her former teacher, the trust of whom she had betrayed years ago.

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Shim sham has really grown on me recently, good story so far.

Shim Sham?

Don't you mean SunShim? :rainbowkiss:

Adorable and heart warming. :heart:

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Shama lama ding dong....

SunShim: the ship I never realized I needed until now.
So thanks for that.

A very heartfelt speech between a teacher and her former student. :heart:


Sunset, once you get back you may want to scan wallflower's mind, I don't think she's exactly all there

Unfortunately for humor’s sake, the line is Canterlot Cantabiles, not Cannibals. Of course, it was supposed to be pronounced kahn-TAH-bi-lays, but no one told Tara that.

You know, there was a small part of me that told me we were all mishearing that...

I don't know if they're going to end Equestria Girls with G4. Don't quote me on this, but I believe some of the leaked content suggests Equestria Girls is going to continue into G5. I don't know for sure though, and as far as I know none of the content indicated what (if any) plans they have for Equestria Girls beyond what they're currently doing.


forgotten friendship in a nutshell: :trollestia:

"oh, whoops is this equestria, oh, sorry i thought this was the bathroom, my friends memories are gone and i do't know who did, what? what do you mean it's pretty obvious Wallflower Blush did it, who the hell is Wallflower?"

"DON'T TAKE THIS AWAY FROM ME!" Twilight pleaded.

Yes score it's practically like the exact same thing as what happened in the movie

Sunset's Overdue Paper, The Last Rays of Light, and Sunset and the Sun make for good short series.

Writing it in a letter was one thing. Saying it in front of her was quite another. Princess Celestia's wings folded back to her sides, and her uncertain expression softened just noticeably as she began to descend the stairs. Seconds later, her towering figure shadowed the unicorn in front of her. Now a foot in front of her, Sunset couldn't hide her nerves from her expression as she looked up into Celestia's studying eyes for just a moment before lowering her head again. Celestia had forgiven her in her first letter to her but... Were they ready for this face to face?

Only 1 way to see how it happens.

"I'm... I'm sorry... I'm so sorry..." The unicorn choked out, taking two steps forward and wrapped her front legs around Celestia's, before breaking down, weeping and collapsing back into a sitting position, and the Princess sat down on the carpet as well, returning the embrace, nuzzling the back of her neck comfortingly as she continued to cry, relieved that the forgiveness expressed in Celestia's first letter was very real.

Despite her breakdown I'm glad to see she's made up with princess celestia in person this time ever since the times she was her student.

...All of which had apparently been ripped from the memories of everyone at the school.

All thx to wallflower :twilightangry2:

It was a slice of her life that she was now completely disgusted with. Princess Twilight had proven that powerful spells were nothing before the feats of friendship. It was only a short jaunt to the Canterlot Library, and the four ponies made their way up the steps to the main doors. Before going in, she had to do a double take of the guard to the door's left. She swore it looked like Flash.

That's because it's his counterpart, though it is odd he's there and not at the Crystal empire.

Sunset Shimmer wasn't quite sure what disturbed her more... The fact that cannibalism in Canterlot's history required at least 30 other volumes, or that Twilight knew precisely when it got 'good'.

Best not to worry about that imo since this isn't the time to worry about that.

"Princess... If... If this doesn't work... If we can't find anything... I mean, I-I could... Come home, right? They don't remember me as it is. No one over there remembers how I've changed."

Don't give up Sunset! Never lose hope!

"You've told me in your letters how homesick you've been, and I get the feeling there's a little bit more to this situation you've found yourself in. Can you be sure that you wouldn't start to miss your life over there, just as you're missing your life in Equestria now?" Celestia asked Sunset as she looked at the group photo she had sent along with the letter.

She has a very valid point Sunset.

"Of course you would, but you know what I think? I think you're trying to convince yourself that because they don't remember how you've changed, that they wouldn't miss you. Maybe you think it would even save you from the pain of having to say goodbye to them."

Not to mention they would start to question why she was in photos with them and they have her number too.

"I didn't write that just to make you feel better, Sunset. With the way events have played out in that other realm, I don't believe you and I were meant to take your studies any further than they had gone. I thought you were lost, I still did when you came back to take Twilight's crown. But now, I believe our paths were supposed to split that night you jumped through the mirror. Maybe you were still lost, but Twilight, and your friends over there, helped set you back on your path, and you've been walking it since. Now, something over there has taken that from your friends... From everyone at Canterlot High."

Sometimes destiny has plans we never expect to see come to fruition.

"Questions that would probably be best pondered after you've solved this problem."

She's right, she loosing time as she speaks with the princess.

"I am very proud of you, Sunset Shimmer. I hope I can see you again soon."

And she will.

But sadly eqg did end since hasbro cancelled/denied a third season so guess it's up to us fans to decide what's Sunset fate was if eqg did end even with the plot made by writer nick confalone.

"Upstream Reported 404 Not Found" on the image.

Yeah it's been like that for months since they put in size limits.

It's a pic of the Humane 7 on the front steps of Canterlot High.


"The first letter she had written to Celestia since her redemption..

Upstream reported 404 Not Found!!!!"

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