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They were all in love with 'Shy and they were drinkin' from a fountain that is pouring like an avalanche comin' down the mountain.

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It pleases me that you favored Sweetie Belle Gains a Soul. :twilightsmile:

nothing really
just boredom and work
and some praser moments in reading
or nothing at all

Had the flu since Sunday night. Not bad now, probably will go to work tomorrow.


you are welcome
what bothers you ?

A bit under the weather.
Thanks for the follow, BTW.

you are welcome
how are you ?

You're a friend. I followed you because I knew you were good. And, you know, this is just an invite. I'm spreading this largely across my followers.

Thanks very much!
Not only is it my first story on here, but the first word of the story is literally the first word of fiction I had ever written. Granted, I went back and revised the first eighteen chapters once I got a little better, but...yeah.
I’m glad you enjoyed it.

And thanks for the follow!

Holy shit, this is your first story? Awesome! Amazing work!

Nice. My best friend was in the Navy for not quite ten years. He’s in Alberta now, too. (Grande Prairie)

I was nervous writing most of the scenes that involved guns, spies or even the police because I have no real experience any of that stuff, other than what I’ve seen in movies—which in many cases is bullshit—and I was worried I might get called out for doing something wrong by someone with more combat/law/government experience.
I’m glad you (among others) are enjoying it though. At the end of the day, I’m here to tell the story just for something to do, but given the time investment, I try not to cut corners and I keep it as realistic as I can so it’s at least worth the effort; it’d be a waste of time to write a half-million word story that makes no sense, lol.

And yes, finished chapter 81 two days ago

Canadian, severed for 22 yrs as a Veh Tech (mechanic), Born on the east coast, trained in Ontario, last posting was Alberta, stayed there cause I liked the area. Also got a thing for the 2 gen Ram, though I prefer gas over diesel.

If I remember right, I think I needed a way for one of the shooters to have gotten a hold of it, which in Canada would be difficult since automatic weapons are heavily restricted here. So after basically surfing the web for a few hours I came across ‘grandfathering’ as a way to maintain possession of a weapon like that, so I came up with the idea of having one of them having a father in the military, and I made sure I was able to name off the proper weapon.
Are you in the military or Canadian? Also, are you caught up to the end of the story?

lol, Google, the solution to (and cause of) everything. Still, it was a nice touch using a Canadian issue rifle. Its a fine line between to much and to little details to refine a story. From what I can see you've found that line. Its making everything flow nice and definitely keeping my attention.

Ah. Things like that I look up on Google. The amount of time I’ve spent searching the net to research/fact-check certain things in this story is kind of crazy.

When writing the scenes that took place in Richmond BC, Las Vegas, Washington DC, etc: I’ve never been to those places myself, so I would use Google Maps street view to see what the locations look like so I could describe them accurately.

That and the historical references, laws, and certain technologies I had to look up quite often.

Oh and lynxes. I know lots about lynxes now, thanks to Google. And Fluttershy, lol.

I asked the last one because not many people outside of the forces know the C7 rifles full designation, being the standard issued weapon. Its a small detail, but added to the Canadian setting, it made me wonder.

More of a Cummins fan, but generally, yeah I like Dodges. I am Canadian, but I actually live in Ontario.
I’ve never served in the forces. What made you ask that one? (Just out of curiosity)

No prob, its an excellent story. Got a few questions though, noticed some details that make me want to ask, are you a Dodge fan, Canadian and by chance in or was in the Forces?

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