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I love the MLP fandom, and I love all of you! I'm so grateful to have all my followers as we go down a rabbit hole of romance, adventure, and world-building!

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Comment posted by lordofmyth deleted Jul 21st, 2014

It's chapter one, dear. Things will be explained. And they didn't take over Equestria. They wiped it out, sent in a small cleanup force to kill the survivors, and left to fight other wars.

And how do you know if the Caribou Nation had the resources or not? That hasn't been explained in story. And it will be explained. :scootangel:

And yes, Discord is chaos. Chaos likes war. But Discord isn't a god. He was injured and defeated just as Celestia, Luna, Twilight, and Cadence were.

Love it! I am a fan of the whole mad :pinkiecrazy: Twilight thing and seeing her use forbidden magic in general is fascinating. And you have proven to be great at dark stories focusing on damaged minds. Looking forward to more, just don't forget about your other stories aswell.

Shhh it dont need to make sense its awsome

I will give you credit where credit is do with this story. One question though; when the text went to italic - was that a split personailty thing, or her actual thoughts? Either way, I liked this and I look forward to more. Like and favourite from me :-)

Hope you don't mind me adding this to a few more groups.
This deserves more attention.


She still does have some madness in her, and with that comes with a few personalities that help her think out problems and such. :scootangel:

Very good pls continue. When will the next chapter be out?

4724315 Oooh. Interesting :-) As Alamandir you are good with writing Twilight's damaged mindset. I look forward to seeing what she can do.

An army of the undead brutally murdering caribou? I'm there!

So far so good. Needs more.

Comment posted by lordofmyth deleted Jul 21st, 2014


Myth, I'm going to tell you this only once more. This is chapter 1. Things will be explained.

Discord= Spirit of Chaos who is vulnerable to conventional and magical attacks.

Dragons= May be resistant to fire, but there are more than thermo magical weapons. A single biomagical bomb in their flight path would kill them.

The other nations= Just saw the most powerful nation in their world obliterated. Only a few are willing to risk that fate.

The alicorns= They may be powerful, but they are still affected by events around them. The equivalent of a nuke being dropped on their head, even if it doesn't kill them, would surely knock them out long enough to be rounded up and impaled.

Do not insert your own headcanon into my story, please.

Thank you.

Only one problem with this story: you haven't posted any more chapters yet. This story is one of the best necromancy stories I've read. Definetly earned a favorite from me.

Yes, yes I like this. I was nervous to read it... Please More?:twilightsmile:

Comment posted by lordofmyth deleted Jul 21st, 2014

4724721 Discords power is in your head cannon, he didn't stretch outside Ponyville for a reason. And there is a slight difference between transforming a stationary cloud into cotton candy and transforming a FALLING, MAGICALLY CHARGED BOMB into a watermelon. Also there have been no proof of dragons being immune to all toxins, the main components of volcanic gases are water vapor and carbon dioxide, the main TOXIN is sulfur in different forms so maybe they would be resistant to that, BUT there have been no instance of dragons breathing toxins in the show and thus it is in you HEADCANNON that they would be resistant.
I also find it extremely hilarious how you start by effectively saying that logic and reason has no effect on Discord, and then saying that it is common sense that he would do something like that, he is the timeless spirit of CHAOS don't pretend to know the mind of a creature you just said does not respond to reason.

On Discord, I can agree, he might be a bit foolish on occasion, but he's always seemed way more powerful than that to me. Keep in mind that the Celestia and Luna themselves needed the elements of harmony to effect a solution to his chaotic depredations. Him getting injured, maybe. Enough to leave the caribou alone, sure. I doubt it'd trouble him for long, although I can't imagine he'd lament ponykind for long with genuine concern. After all, he's a creature of chaos who could conceivably be totally immortal and unkillable.

Chrysalis or any changeling would be a fool to involve themselves, except perhaps on the angle that the caribou are not very good as food sources.

It seems a tad off, if not impossible that these Caribou just sort of marched in and blew up Canterlot. Hopefully more story will be forthcoming.

I hope there is at least some downside to Necromancy here (it seems a little too easy so far), or at least a reasonably difficult solution. Are they all under her direct control or?


Thank you for the legible and thoughtful questions!

For Canterlot, it was done much like it was done in Fallout Equestria. Infiltrators planted biomagical toxin bombs in Canterlot. They themselves were made immune, so once the ponies were dead, Canterlot was their's for the taking.

And the real downside to necromancy will be on Twilight's psyche. That will come in later, but for the ponies... no, they are not under her direct control.

Comment posted by lordofmyth deleted Jul 21st, 2014

a morbid AU future, mixed with a vengeful OP princess bent on annihilating the caribou, who probably gave no warning for the impending war?

. . . i like this . . . make moar, plz

(Fake prim and proper accent) Why i do very much in joying this (Stopping it) MORE Please:scootangel::fluttershysad::applecry:

Oh my gosh, this is gonna be good

So - are the other 3 alicorns alive somewhere? It seemed like it implied they were left writhing on stakes or somewhat.

I do agree this doesn't really feel like 'necromancy' very much. Okay, they're sort of zombie-like with magical band-aids over the wound areas, but...one would expect an army of skeletons and other such grotesqueries, at least at the start.

At first I was wondering if I should read this, but the voice in the back of my head one and so far I am looking forward to the next chapter :twilightsmile:


I was tempted with grotesques, but considering this magic is based on love, I didn't feel that was... appropriate. Ghouls and zombies and skeletons would be more the line of a necromancer who didn't care about the mental state of his subjects.

Necromancy as I think of it is death and dark magic:pinkiecrazy::facehoof::trollestia:

ok I have read enough and played enough games and Dungeons&Dragons campaigns that deal with necromancy ALL to well and I must say this......

unfreakin believable.......


and yes if used correctly Necromancy CAN be used for good can't wait for more

An army of Undead ponies fueled by the power of darkness and love of a mad princess of Friendship and Magic who will fight a bunch of Caribou in a possibly epic battle to kill every Caribou alive and restore Equestria to its former state with the aid of ancient powerful jewels of Friendship?

Dis gun b gud !

Necromancer Twilight hm?
Well, Necromancy is, like everthing not good or bad in itself. It soley comes down to its user. It´s a bit like with Voodoo, there are "white" Users who use their powers to aid (even heal) and "black" Users who are sadly seen as the typical practioner, cauisng only pain and misery for their own goals.
Twi´s Necromancy is at the moment in a white/grey state I would say. As long as she is not using it to rip out the bones from the Caribou herself, turn their blood into acid to disolve them from within or stuff like this, she could be considered a good Necromancer. Until she crosses the line.

I will stalk this.

Hmmm Interesting, dark magic fuel with love. Somewhat similar to Necrosis but the difference is that Necrosis use lust rather than love. :moustache:

I've never read a story in this universe before, and I likely won't continue reading it or go on to read any others, but what's here seems decent for what you're working with.

I'm compelled to comment on a potential plot hole, though. Again, I haven't read anything in this canon before, so forgive me if I'm missing something elsewhere explained (some special property to these impalement things, or something), but how come a field of corpses left in the open air for twenty years is seemingly not decayed at all? I see above that you made a conscious decision to have Twilight's army be "normal" rather than grotesque, but did you consider what that would mean in terms of the logic of your plot?


First off. Holy. Buck. I went to sleep with 40 likes, and wke up to 123. Thanks guys!

Secondly, thank you for the thoughtful question! I did make a small point (though I will certainly add more explanation) to the preservation of the corpses. Basically, the latent magic of the magic weapons of destruction (MWD's) took the place of fallout, and because of that left a sort of miasma over Equestria. A side effect of that miasma is that corpses do not decay normally. To destroy bodies, fire has to be involved.

hmm interesting i shall add this to my list of too watch stories i will read it when a few more chapters are added

Whats with all the stories about caribou lately?

Seems interesting, will anticipate further chapters

This has a lot of potential; I hope you choose to play up the trauma of being dragged from the afterlife to reanimate a long-dead corpse. :pinkiesick:

I also hope you go back and do some more worldbuilding. Why have we never heard of the caribou before? Why was there a conflict? Saying one side is good and one side is evil works well in propaganda posters but not in fiction. The motivation of the antagonists has to be revealed; perhaps have the caribou leader be the POV character for part of a chapter so we can get in his or her head. Very promising beginning, however! :twilightsmile:

4728671 Is there also clop about the cariboutty?

I think that this theme fits:


*grins* Oh, believe me, the afterlife will be addressed. :pinkiecrazy:

4729105 She's a... neighcromancer! :twilightoops:

At the end, I swear heard this song playing.

I'm following this. I need to see where this is going.

Necromancer Twilight raising the slain of Canterlot with love-fueled necromancy for the sake of kicking caribou ass and regain Equestria's freedom? And it's likely to be full of drama, tension, emotion and action?

Hell fucking yes! All my approvals, you must have them!

In case you didn't notice, I like revenge fics. Good ones anyways, most are bad or outright terrible so finding one I can stand to read without feeling the urge to gouge my eyeballs out is hard. This one does look very promising so far, so I'm having high hopes for it.

4728671 Most caribou stories were inspired by "Fall of Equestria", I believe, which is a fanon universe that introduced the caribou as antagonists. There's a lot material if you look around. My advice is not to, however. It's... hardcore stuff and not for the faint of heart. I only ever managed to glance at it before I lost absolutely all desire to ever delve into that world again.

4728967 There is plenty of clop about the caribou, and the majority of it is spawned directly from the disgusting cesspit that is "Fall of Equestria". Most of it is a bunch of misogynistic domination rape fantasies revolving around rape, domination, enslavement, body mutilation, mind break, degradation, sadomasochism and torture and some more rape just for the evulz. It's quite possibly the most repulsive heap of shit ever produced by the darker side of the MLP fanbase.

Trust me, you don't want to know more than that. And if you do go and look at it anyways, well, I warned you.

4729223 Why would anyone get turned on by caribou? Unless they're beer-battered and grilled, of course.

4729266 Eh, I don't know. I don't think about it.

Ooooo great idea and interesting beginning. It would be nice to see 'Twilight uses dark magic' story that does not end with her going mad and destroying all she cares for. :twilightsmile:

You have my attention. I just got done reading this and I'm very impressed. I would love to see more soon. :pinkiehappy:

~ Super-Brony12

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