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I’m a feminist woman looking to write stories on a male dominated site. It’s an uphill battle but a satisfying one, only as long as I succeed.


Scootaloo is Rainbow Dash's biggest fan. She loves Rainbow Dash so much that she's even devoted a fan club to her. Scootaloo loves Rainbow with a passion. At least, that's what Ruby Reaper thought. But when Scootaloo stumbles into the clubhouse one day saying that she 'murdered Rainbow Dash', Ruby thinks she's joking.

She's joking, right?

Edited and Proofread by: Paradox Theory and Reneigh Haycart

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Deep in the Everfree Forest, in a tucked away secret lake, there lives a creature who is not quite fish but not quite pony. Legend has it that if you spot the creature and do not run away in fright, then it will grant you three wishes but at a devastating cost.

Scootaloo has discovered this creature but is she willing to pay the price? And if she refuses to pay the price then who will?

This story was edited by a good friend of mine who does not have an account on this site but is a good friend and editor nonetheless. The picture is from google images.

Flutterpriest was kind enough to do a reading/review of this story for me. You can go watch it here. Enjoy!

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Luna knows something's wrong with Discord. Ever since he returned from his 'vacation', he'd been acting different around her. He avoided her, kept their conversations short and she always finds him in her bedroom around midnight. She's quite baffled as to why this keeps happening to her.

She finds a letter on her bed one night from Discord saying that all he wants is a simple talk. In the Everfree Forest. At midnight. What could this possibly be about? She's about to find out.

Written for Monthly Shipfic's LunaCord contest. Edited by a friend of mine who does not have an account here but is a good editor anyways. Picture from here.

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After not seeing Twilight Sparkle for years, Princess Celestia is surprised when Twilight shows up at the castle, needing a foalsitter for the daughter Celestia never knew she had. Princess Celestia agrees to foalsit for the young filly on short notice with deeper motives than a simple foalsitting job. The little filly is far from normal and the more Celestia learns about her and Twilight, the more she wishes she hadn't.

Celestia is determined to find out the truth about this young filly. But will she like what she finds?

Sex tag for the mention of sex but there is no sex.
Source for picture.

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Two humans who were trapped in Twilight's and Thunderlane's bodies have found a way to go back home after three months in Equestria. Rather than a story about their adventures in Ponyville, this a story about them finally leaving Ponyville.

Just a cute little one-shot. Also slightly random. The sex tag is for the mention of sex. The teen rating is for the use of language. Slight Sparity shipping. Also slight Twilane shipping. And maybe a sequel telling of their adventures in Ponyville if this gets enough likes.

Picture from here.

Edited by: Lightning Farron

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Twilight can't seem to stop staring at Braeburn's flank. She loves the way it moves, the way it jiggles. She can't seem stop staring at him in general, it seems. In fact, she would love nothing more than to run her hooves over his chest and run her hooves over his flank, then his entire body and push her muzzle onto his...
But Braeburn doesn't want that. He doesn't even like her in that way. They're just friends. Twilight knows this.
Perhaps a flight lesson with Rainbow Dash will help her to see otherwise.

Please give a like or a dislike. It tells me how well I'm doing! Thanks.

Just a one shot. Got the pic from here: Other source

Based on this comic: Source

And this guy helped me edit it: PoisonClaw
This is my first edited-by-some-else story! Yay!

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Something is out there.
It has powers that seem unstoppable.
It is not of this world.
It also says 'Pika' a lot.
Pikachu is Ponyville's newest hero. However, it has a problem. A purple pony problem.

Twilight Sparkle is your average purple unicorn researcher and assistant to Princess Celestia. When a new never before seen creature begins to save the lives of many ponies, Twilight knows that she must learn about this creature. No matter what the cost may be.

Will Pikachu be able to avoid this research crazed pony? Or will he be caged and studied?

Picture is temporary.

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Queen Chrysalis comes to Princess Celestia and claims to be dying. She has one last request. Her request will shock Princess Celestia and make her rethink everything she thought she knew about changelings since the Cadence's wedding.

But will she grant the request?

Source for picture.

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Pinkie Pie tells the Cutie Mark Crusaders a story. It is about an Espurr who nearly destroys Equestria. But Espurrs don't exist, right?


Twilight Sparkle will learn a very valuable lesson today. Everything comes with a price. And if that price is staring at the world's most adorable creature while letting it destroy everything she loves, then so be it.
But Spike isn't about to let that happen. Even if everypony else seems too incompetent to try and stop this creature of master destruction and ultimate cuteness, then he will try.

The image came from Google images and I cut a little out in paint.

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