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Friendship is mADgic - Dafaddah

What would happen if Twilight Sparkle discovered the science of advertising?

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Chapter 5: My Neighbourhood

Friendship is Madgic
Chapter 5: My Neighbourhood
Edited by the intrepid Microshazm and SecondLaw

Fade-in to a scene in a colourful cottage in Equestria. On a low sofa, a yellow pegasus mare lies surrounded by small woodland creatures. On a rug in front of her is a toy train on an oval track. From the open windows of a bright red trolley, a few more birds and a squirrel can be seen waving paws and feathers. The mare tilts her head to one side as she looks at the camera, and says in a low sweet voice: "Welcome neighbour!" She smiles and a light piano tune begins playing.

“My name is Fluttershy, and these are my little friends.” Her expression grew somber. “I know what it’s like to be lost and alone, and I don’t ever want anypony or anyone to feel that way. When I find little animals that are lost or hurt, I invite them to my house, so that they can rest, or get better or just gather the courage to continue.” She scratched a white bunny sitting next to her under the chin.

“When I visited Earth I got to meet a lot of nice people. I was really frightened at first because what’s different can sometimes seem very scary. But then I made some friends and they showed me so many great things about humans and Earth, and I wasn’t so afraid anymore.

“Now there are a lot of people who are afraid, because if they don’t convert then they won’t survive the convergence. A lot of them are afraid of becoming ponies, and some of them are even afraid of ponies.” She paused and looked straight into the camera. “I understand. So many things are scary for me too.” She petted the bunny next to her. “But I want you to know something. While I was visiting the Earth I found out just how much we ponies and humans are the same inside. My human friends showed me a TV show from a long time ago that made me see that very clearly. It changed the way I look at humans forever, and it made me a better pony inside, so I’m really grateful. Some of my human friends have already become ponies, and they’re still them inside. That didn’t change, and I’m so glad, because it’s what’s inside that made them so special.

“So I’m only going to ask you one thing. Stay alive. Please. I don’t want anyone to die, and I want us all to be friends. I know conversion is scary, but think about it. Save the you inside, please.

“Oh, and there was a song from that TV show that I really loved. I sing it all the time, even when I’m alone, just because it’s a very good song! I hope you don’t mind if I sing it for you now.”

The tempo of the music picked up, and Fluttershy sang out in a surprisingly clear, sweet voice:
“It's a beautiful day in this neighbourhood,
A beautiful day for a neighbour.
Would you be mine?
Could you be mine?...

It's a neighbourly day in this beauty wood,
A neighbourly day for a beauty.
Would you be mine?
Could you be mine?...

I've always wanted to have a neighbour just like you.
I've always wanted to live in a neighbourhood with you.

So, let's make the most of this beautiful day.
Since we're together we might as well say:
Would you be mine?
Could you be mine?
Won't you be my neighbour?
Won't you please,
Won't you please?
Please won't you be my neighbour?”

The camera focused on the little trolley on the oval rug as it toot-tooted. The squirrel rang its bell. The image at the edge of the screen turned black leaving only a circle at the middle. It tracked the trolley as it slowly iris closed to point. The lively sound of the bells faded, and the lights came up.

“That was just lovely Fluttershy,” said Celestia. “I’m sure it will make a lot of humans think carefully, and be less afraid of conversion and becoming ponies. You were very right to remind everyone and everypony that it’s what’s inside that counts.” As she leaned back onto her throne the box spring underneath gave another ominous crack. Everypony looked at Celestia as she froze on her throne, everypony except Luna that is. Luna hopped off and back onto her throne several times in complete silence.

“How droll, sister. The dais only seems to make noise when thou movest.” She smiled sweetly. “Perhaps thou ought not so oft partake of rich deserts.” Everypony looked away as the Princess of the Day assumed a rosé cast to her regal features.

Celestia leaned forward and with a crack one of the front legs of her throne sank fully into the box spring. Luckily she was already mostly out of the chair and simply stepped forward naturally, neither losing her balance nor her dignity in the process. However, her horn glowed and behind her the throne righted itself with only a slight crunch as the offending leg pulled out of the box spring. Note to self, thought Celestia. Advise Twilight no more improvised throne supports in the future.

She addressed the gathered mares. “Now ladies, truly remarkable as these advertisements are, they will still need some polishing.” She went to the door connecting to her own room in the suite. “Consequently I have invited a reputable advertising agency to add their own layer of icing to the cake.” Her eyes narrowed as she stared pointedly at her sister for a moment. The door opened, revealing two individuals, one a human, one a pony.

“Ladies, may I introduce the distinguished partners of the firm BBDOL.” She invited them to enter the room. “This is Mr. Bob Tanner,” said Celestia, offering a hoof in the human ritual of the handshake, “and the recently added L of BBDOL, Equestria’s very own –” she waved a hoof towards a blue unicorn mare wearing an expensive business suit and paused as she heard a chorus of gasps, and a very unladylike growl, "– er, Miss Beatrix Lulamoon."

She turned around. Twilight Sparkle stood looking as if she had discovered somepony defacing her favourite book. Her head was low, her ears flattened against the back of her head, and the air above her shimmered as if from intense desert heat. And then there were her most faithful student’s eyes: instead of the usual lovely violet eyes to die for, Celestia could see flames dancing in them. All the other Bearers of the Elements of Harmony had taken refuge behind the furniture again. Even her sister’s throne was empty. Celestia felt oddly exposed.

That was when Spike walked-in and said “Hey ladies. How’s tricks?”

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You're bringing in Trixie? If only I could give this more than one thumb up. Also, Fluttershy's commercial was very good. It got to a core issue, and did its darnedest to cut through it in an assuring manner.


Thanks for positive reinforcement! :twilightblush:

I wanted each of the mane six to do a commercial that reflected their inner character not just their EoH. I kept Fluttershy for last because if there's anypony who can address fear and insecurity it's her!

This chapter was published after I closed the 'Ads of the Conversion Bureau' because I wanted it to be fully polished including a run by my editors. I'll polish up the other chapters over the next few weeks.


Thanks for sharing the laughs! Don't worry about the down votes - as a 'defender of TCB' I automatically get 6 or 7 down votes when I first post a story (yes, always!) I only care about the ones that leave a message to tell me why. Also, this was unedited because it was a contest entry, so perhaps it deserved a down vote or two for the initial draft.

Pity this had to come to an end. There's so much that could be done, so many places this could be taken. And since you just introduced Trixie at the end it would be a heart breaking travesty for you not to consider continuing these wonderful short stories. I loved all the ads the Main Six came up with, the addendum to Applejack's piece made me chortle, but I must confess, I loved Flutteshy's the best. She knocked it out of the park with her Mr. Rogers' Neighborhood theme.

Pony on My Friend, Pony On :eeyup:

This is glorious. Why didn't I know of this thing earlier...
You really ought to consider continuing on this! It's just too adorable.

No words except-brilliant:heart:

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