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I Laughed · 6:38am Jun 24th, 2012

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Wow, I wonder how many years it's been since I first read your story? Four, maybe five, I can't even really remember. Just wanted to leave this here and say that you were an amazing writer and if you ever return it'd be quite the treat.

Times change, people grow, and still I don't forget.
I'm in college now... and this fanfiction... I always find a way back to it...

I don't even know if I'm really part of the fandom anymore. I haven't even been on the site in a few months. And the first place I go when I do is here.

You are why I joined the site. You started my "career" as a writer. Of course, everything I've posted online hasn't been very good XD. Still, a fanfiction about two characters that were originally ponies.

This is where I started. This is where I changed. This is where I've grown. And I still don't forget.

It seems... you have gone...

Holy shit, I found it. Making a blog post so I can come back to this page whenever I need to.

I mean, holy fucking shit, it took me forever.


Come back to us Doctor, please come back.

  • Viewing 26 - 30 of 30
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