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With each others help, Spike and Gilda fight to find their place in a world that will not accept them.

Credit: Larince, Newer, Varanus, DPV, and Mad Brochacho
A more classical approach to the noir genre, Mad Brochacho's "On the Docks": http://www.fimfiction.net/story/6590/On-the-Docks
Heralded as the greatest Twilestia around and more, Varanus' "Composure": http://www.fimfiction.net/story/5623/Composure

Thank you to all my readers.

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I feed off feedback.

Leave your opinions, thoughts, and critiques here.

I especially love hearing about what parts you specifically did/did not like.

Thank you for reading.

A Spike and Gilda story?!:derpyderp2:Its never been done!
This has instantly grabbed my interest.

Well It's official Spike's been shipped with everything in show. That being said I will say that this was very well done, the grammar is good, the plot interesting and oddly enough while Spike acts slightly out of character his interactions with Gilda seem natural as they are both essentially outcast from their respective groups and find solace in each other. You actually care about the characters in relation to each other. The only thing that bothered me was Tyrant Celestia. Other than that it was really good story with some interesting elements thrown into it. Keep pumping out gold like this.

Peace Out.

You have to keep in mind that this is Spike grown up and also put under extreme circumstances. I'll watch out for OOCness from now on though..

Thank you for the feedback and the read.

I like this story a lot, compelling and interesting. It felt a little rushed in how their relationship started, but it makes sense, Spike has been alone for awhile, so has Gilda. I can't wait to see where this will be heading towards, also I love the back story you've written. Keep up the great work!

I think the fact that they endured a near-death experience between each other helped to spark the relationship.

Also, I strongly dislike that anytime Celestia has a flaw or does something questionable, it's immediately labeled as 'Tyrant Celestia'.

Wow I really love the story.There's barley any Decent Spike stories out, and this is by far above most stories I've read.I'm dying for the next chapter.:yay::yay::yay:

Gilda! And Spike! I need more stories with either of the two of them... Great job by the way, I didn't spot a single error. I look forward to more. :pinkiesmile:


Well, she IS immortal goddess who lived at least 1000 years. She had plenty of time to get rid of her flaws, so if she didn't it means she's ok with being a tyrant - that's what pisses me off.



I'm serious. You have got a great story going here. There's only one or two things I am nitpicky about: 1. Fluttershy (to me,) appears to over-react to seeing Spike eat some animal. Why? Because she massages bears regularly! She would know that there are creatures in the Everfree that eat meat, and that Spike (as a dragon,) would soon eat meat too. She should know that Spike would have self control, and that if he hadn't, there would have been a pony feast already. 2. The transition from jerk Gilda to nice Gilda seems a litte fast. Other than that, you did perfectly!

You better write more.... :pinkiehappy:

Or else. :pinkiecrazy:

1. You have a good point here, but I used Fluttershy's dragon fears as a basis for her 'overreaction'.
2. Was it really? I dunno. I think I wrote this making her more as a less of a jerk and more as having an aggressive personality. Is she still a bit of a jerk? Yeah. But I think that 'jerk' side is more of a side effect of that aggressive personality. Right now, she's found someone she can get along with in Spike. Obviously she did not find those traits in Pinkie Pie, and lashed out at her.

Thank you very much for the compliment, the comment, AND the read. I'll see what I can do about a chapter 3.

Glad you updated, this is possibly my favorite story on this site.I made an account just to track this story,Please keep up the good work.:raritystarry:

Oh dear, :fluttercry: the dreaded cliff-hanger! Anyway great work, I enjoy this story and the chemistry between Spike and Gilda is natural and doesn't seem like it is something each character wouldn't do in years past. So yeah 5/5, I can't wait for the next installment!

Awesome plot twist, can't wait to see where this goes

Wow, this is shockingly good! such an odd pear, I would have nether even thought about ti! Good work!


this is really really good!! the plot is sound, the shipping is new and fresh, I feel bad for spike, but he is a dragon after all.

I agree this was really good. I like to try new ships and i'm glad i do keep it up. you get all the smiles.:twilightsmile::scootangel::rainbowkiss::pinkiehappy::ajsmug::coolphoto:

this is fantastic! Oh ,my god, when I first saw this my thoughts on this were low, but now, I an happy as hell that I read this! I only favorite finished stories, but this is going on the list done or not. I cant wait for the next chapter! keep up the great work!!


this awsome!!! please post more chapters!!!:pinkiehappy:

I know why Celestia wants him back he's a dragon no griffin in the right mind would fuck with an army of ponies and a full grown dragon

31583 Look dude, cut the writer some slack, cut all the writers some slack. I hate people who insist that Celestia should be some cookie-cutter Mary Sue Empress. She isn't, not even in canon. Sometimes a story calls for a character to be more mature and do some morally ambiguous things, there is no problem with that as long as it's not overdone, or it is intentionally overdone for the sake of parody. Celestia is leaning towards the gray, but she has hardly been oppressive or tyranical yet. Stop jumping to conclusions, and let us have our fanon.

I would never have imagined a Spike-Gilda relationship...

...but you made it work. Very, very well.

Excellent job!

This story is unexpectedly wonderful. Before I read it, I could not imagine a Spike-Gilda story. After reading it, you made it believable and poignant.

This story ends with a fantastic cliffhanger. Thank you.

that, was AWESOME!!!!! keep it up dude! my only problem is that you don't come out with these more often! :pinkiehappy:

:flutterrage:FIRE THE MOAR CANNON!!!

I want to yell ate you for not letting me have more to read, I want to think you for giving me what you have,

I think I am going crazy. and all because of your story! I love this. Its so new, and different! please keep it up.

Man pore spike the 2 caves they took from him, he has to be getting mad by now.


Excellent! I need more 5 stars my friend!

Excellent! I need more 5 stars my friend!


P.s this is an awsome story and i want moar

Did Gilda just do a Sonic Boom?

The story is exciting, with more twists than a braided rope.

You've found an unusual pairing that really works well. Great job!

This is my favorite series on the site. Might not be as canon as one might want, but hey, it's not like they give us much to work with. Please keep it up!

Just wanted to say thank you so far for all the comments, and please keep them coming. I read each and every one.

Also, thank you for reading.

Can't wait for the next chapter!!! :eeyup: This story is quite thrilling indeed :-bd

I am definitely interested if Spike will eventually go back to Ponyville, hopefully with Gilda. Will be very interesting to see how the characters changed, and if any of them hooked up or something :pinkiehappy:

Keep writing!!!

The growing - hoard relationship is a survival trait for all dragons that allow them to not be eaten (in a world that is crawling with ursa majors/manticores/hydras/whatever else we haven't seen as soon as they depart from their parents.

As we can see, as soon as Spike hatched he was a baby. He had obviously grown since then. Natural growth comes with wings, while swift survival growth gives them the bare necessities until they are 'grown' enough to survive without such instinctual traits.

That's why Spike wanted to hoard so much - it's survival instinct.

There ya go. There's my answer. Story is still fine. Please continue reading.

Huh, I guess that explanation makes sense. But as for the story, HOW COULD YOU LEAVE US WITH A CLIFFHANGER LIKE THAT!?! AND WHAT ARE YOU PUTTING POOR SPIKE THROUGH!?! Don't get me wrong, it was good, dark, but good, but c'mon. That is no way to torture us with uncertainty. Love the story, keep it up, hope you update real soon, I eagerly await the next chapter.

Well, that got... Oedipal. And bloody. Time for a suspiciously well-timed griffon!

Also, your theory on dragon growth pretty much exactly matches the one I have. Size is determined by hoard, giving dragons in resource-rich areas the power to defend themselves and carve out a territory and allowing those in poor areas to get by on less. Maturity comes with time, and wings are a facet of that, used to travel to a new territory once experienced enough to survive alone, and assisting in the possible search for a mate. Mixing evolutionary theory with magic is fun!

Let me make one thing clear for everyone.

I find gore stories ridiculous. Any gore you find in THIS story is merely a way to enhance the story. I needed a way to show the reader why Spike hadn't gone back to Ponyville yet, and I thought a little insight into one of his waking nightmares would show why he felt the way he did about nearly everything (hunting at the most).

I would like to apologize if chapter 5 upsets you. I myself questioned whether to keep it in, but in the end I feel it gets the point across in the most engaging and interesting manner.

Once again thank you for reading.

But of course, many instances of fan explanation bring up more questions and more complications to what was being explained. For example; Is there a cut off point when the size of the hoard stops increasing the unnatural growth, does natural physical and mental development still happen alongside these "hoard spurts", if there is a point in life when the hoard growth begins, is there a point when hoard growth no longer happens, why does the hoard decrease mental capacity, etc. etc. If you don't want this discussion here, look for it in the Tvtropes Headscratchers page.

OMG I FOUND IT!!! :pinkiehappy:

Sorry, let me calm down for a second... :pinkiecrazy:

Anyways, I've been following this story since chapter one, but I made my account after this chapter. :fluttercry:
I couldn't remember where I found this story, because I just kept stumbling onto it with every new chapter. :moustache:
But now, here's the fifth instalment, and I can now track it for as long as you're making these! :pinkiecrazy:

Okay, sorry about the fangasm. Let me start over.
I've got to honestly say that this is one of the bestshippings I've read thus far. there are only two stories that I can claim are better than this, and that's saying something because I've been reading a LOT of fics, and I usually don't put them up for competition unless they are 5 star material. The best part about this ship? You haven't even made it into a ship yet! That just shows that you're taking good care of the relationship and keeping your fans waiting patiently. Yes, I know, you've taken a lot of advice from people posting things on your chapters, but in the end it's your story and you've been developing it perfectly. Plus, it isn't just a ship, there's an actual story, so I absolutely love it! You've got a talent and you should keep at this. Thank you for writin this, and I hope the beginning to this message didn't creap you out too much. :twilightblush:
Now onward to the next chapter! :pinkiehappy:

Also, for anyone wondering why this chapter took two whole weeks to come out, I went through three phases with this particular chapter, rewriting it three separate times.

I also have finals coming up...

But after that, should be rather fine and back to your usual schedule.

That was...AWESOME! I never would have believed to have seen such a scene in a MLP fanfic before today! (or maybe I just avoid the fics that have them...)

I won't lie, I was getting upset when the dream started turning into a nightmare, but I kept reading through. I knew either you would end it in a dream, or the story was going to go a whole new direction that...honestly I don't know if I could follow by then. Good way to end the chapter too. Of course we all know what's about to happen (or maybe something other than Gilda will save him, because otherwise there wouldn't be a story!), but it was still better for you to continue than to have ended with Spike waking from his nightmare.

To be honest though, I thought you were going to end it with the nightmare (right before he woke up). I mean, let's be honest, that would have been one HELL of a cliff hanger, lol!

When Spike got the strange feeling around Twilight, I was thinking... "LET THE LOVE DODECAHEDRON COMMENCE!" but alas, the whole thing was only a dream. I like where this story is going!

Bravo, you fantastic writer you!

FanTastic. that is the only word I can use to describe this story. this is not a fic, this is a 100% true Story

I thought the Dream with Twilight may have happened at first. But I am really glad it didn't. If anyone started griping about Gore Ignore them, this is not Gore this is a Drama filled chanted that Needed violence in to to express the feeling of what is going on and you did a grate job, you did no go over bored and you did not use to little and sugar cote it,

Now I want to yell at you for that Cliff you through at us, But I can see why you did it. But GOD! I want to read more soo badly. your work is like a drug I cant get enough of it. I have already read this whole thing 4 times today!... I am the Twilight of Fan fiction :twilightblush:.

I know I have said this before and I will say it again and again. Thank you, thank you for taki ng your time go give us this amazing story!

Now I give you Rainbow Dash:rainbowdetermined2:

And Twilight Sparkle. :twilightsmile:

And they are going to kiss. :rainbowhuh: :twilightoops:

Dont acted like you 2 have never done it before.
:rainbowkiss::twilightblush: Dwaaaaa

More please! Excellent chapter!

awesome story!!! please post more soon:moustache:

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