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What if Twilight and Trixie were both zeppelins who were in love? At last this age-old question has been answered!

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:trollestia: Problem, Twilight Bimple?

This was fun to read. Made me LOL a few times. :twilightsmile:

Ohohoho~ This is great, nice job :D

Lustig! Die großartige und mächtige Trixieburg ist natürlich das beste Luftschiff der Welt!:trixieshiftright:

#6 · Jan 10th, 2012 · · ·

I had never before wondered what would happen if Twilight and Trixie were blimps that were in love. Now that I know, however, I can't imagine life without this knowledge.

What is this, I don't even...

Alright 5 stars.

Glad to see this on here. Still one of the funniest fanfiction I've ever read

I just read the title and the description and... wat.

I need to read this. FOR SCIENCE!

Okay, I know I laughed, but I have no idea why. What is it in here that I find funny? I...just...

Screw you, human instinct that promotes a positive emotional response to lucridity.

As I finish this, I am left with the greatest feeling of wat in my entire life.
I am genuinely impressed at your ability to write something this well written, that manages to confuse my poor mind so much, while sumultaniously managing to a fairly okay plot into it.
I need more of this. xD


:pinkiesmile::pinkiesmile::pinkiesmile: I read this with my friends at school. We could barely go through half of it without laughing so hard that our gasbags would have exploded if we were blimps ourselves! :pinkiegasp: After all, they are small and stubby. :ajsmug:
It's so great! We loved it. But you got us in trouble. 1 star.

Loljk. :pinkiesmile::pinkiesmile:

With the risk of sounding like everyone else: WAT?!?!

And now we are doing inanimate objects?
... I am at a lost for words. What is even worse that I found this slightly arousing...
Gack..... I really need to get my head out of the gutter.

OK I have no idea, where the fuck you got such an idea, but here:

Take my stars!

"Die großartige und mächtige Trixieburg." - Genial^^




What. I don't even.

Dammit. Fine.


Rule 34 to the max.

"Oh, what huge vanity!" really? That's just awful :facehoof:

...But also hilarious, awfully hilarious, so 5 out of 5.

Simply amazing. :)

I hope we get to see Ruddershy and Pinkie Sky before long...

finally someone has asked the question that has plagued my mind! genuinely in tears with laughter it is soo terribly funny and i dont know why i like it :rainbowhuh::derpytongue2:

I still remember when I first read this in EqD.
This is without a doubt one of the most weirdly hilarious fics I've ever read.

Well....it scared and disturbed me while I laughed my head clean off, well done good sir, you made me terrified of airships :D.



There is no love purer than that between two rigid airship pony lesbians
This is the story the universe was created to tell

Edit: There's a couple of italic tags near the end that are in HTML rather than unicode (I think it's unicode. They're in carets rather than brackets, is my point.)

This is the greatest thing ever.


Good catch, thanks! Fixed!

I lost it at gasbag. And that wasn't even that far. :facehoof:
But um. Very good. :moustache:

So she's called Trixieburg and she has German writing on her side . . . I can't imagine she has a happy ending :trixieshiftright: This is hilarious. 5 stars.

Wha... I... blimps?... Trixieberg?... I'm speechless. :derpyderp1:

Fun read. Liked the puns. Still :derpyderp2:

Why does this exist? And why did I love it so? 5 starts sir, 5 stars. :raritywink:


You should write a sequel where Luna is one of these.

Oh, so THAT'S how Equestria mas made. That explains everything.

You crazy, magnificent devil. I'd vote 6 if I could.

Wait... airships... plus... shipping...
You sir, are a genius! When I first looked at the description, I thought it would be bad, you sir, have once again proved to never judge a book by it's cover! Take my stars, all of them!

Trixie you bastard! Trickery! Foalishness! How could you leave poor Twilight Blimple like that?! May your hull get thorn to shreds by a thousand angry flying thingamagics!
Ehh... Great story!

I erm.. I got no time right now but I will DEFINITELY read up tomorrow how the hay you got a 4.9 rating from 71 voters with THAT theme.. :rainbowderp:

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