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Miss Earl Grey

"Anyone who takes himself too seriously always runs the risk of looking ridiculous; anyone who can consistently laugh at himself does not." -Vaclav Havel


Sixteen ponies from all around Equestria, from different backgrounds and beliefs. All cooped together in one house, and they can have no contact from the outside world for ninety days. What's at stake? A million bits, and a good deal of pride. Who will win? Who will lose? Can the Princesses' kick their addiction to this cheesy, over the top, terrible reality show? What's more, how will Celestia react when she discovers her star pupil is among the contestants?

If you take this story seriously...then that makes one of us.

Predictions are HIGHLY encouraged. ;)

Chapters (2)
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Comments ( 64 )

I shall read this story... Like a sir! Also, good story so far.

So while this is a nice assortment of ponies and all how exactly will they compete with each other? ...

This should be interesting. I can't wait to see what kind of romances bloom. I do have one question how is this a Alternate Universe?

Good so far, better than any reality show I've seen. Continue!

“How in your name did Twilight get onto a reality show?” Luna cried.
“Why in my name didn’t Twily tell me?” Celestia pouted.

This...made me laugh a good deal harder than I should have. Major props for that.

Quite fresh and original! I've never watched Big Brother before, but I guess that's what you're parodying? Nice joke in the beginning with the Princesses - actually, anything with them in this chapter was perfectly done. Will definitely keep an eye on this little gem.

This is going to be good. Cant wait for update.

3133918 Its an alternate universe in the sense that none of the ponies (with the exception of Braeburn and Big Mac) know each other. And also, there's TVs and stuff. So there's that.

Can't believe I have so many comments so quickly!! Very excited! :heart:

I want meez some morez of that. I have a feeling this is going to be awesome!

Good Luck dear writer and keep making them chapters

I demand more! :twilightsmile: Great job to the writer. Oh and Earl, it's me Scoots. :scootangel:

3134246 Hiiiii Scoots! Any other Muttonheads on here that I should know about? Oh, hang on, I should go stalk Batty...

3134253 They are probably around here somewhere. Happy stalking. xD

Hello Earlie! Wow, you've got quite the gem going on so far!!! :raritystarry: This first chapter was excellently written and has me hooked easily. Can't wait to see what shenanigans all of the housemates get up to, along with the Princesses reactions. Those two should certainly make for a fun duo and I love their audience POV!!! Keep up the great work, and can't wait to read more chapters! :twilightsmile:

(although if Derpy gets hurt by ANY of the housemates, we're going to have to have words you and I :trixieshiftleft:)

I do like this premesis. I don't really have much to add that hasn't already been said. This gon b gud. :rainbowwild:

Small note: I thought VInyl had white fur, not pale yellow fur.

3134869 :pinkiehappy: I make no promises, Batsy.

Keep an eye on Lightning Dust, though. Just saying. And you didn't hear nothin' from me, gotcha?

3134979 I was actually going off of this: http://kefkafloyd.deviantart.com/art/Vinyl-Scratch-DJ-PON-3-Color-Guide-2-0-UPDATED-246002582

Its where I get all of my color palettes from, and Kefkafloyd seems to know her stuff. ^^

3135035 Well I'll be damned, you're on to something. :pinkiegasp:
I conced that maybe, just maybe, Vinyl is a very, very, pale yellow.

Fleur will win.
She's smart, beautiful, cunning, and manipulative.

Just for the record, Mrs. Cake's canon name is Cup Cake, not Sugar Cake as I recall.


are there going to be love sens in her like one of the guys doing it behide the others:pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy:

Joe is going to win, calling it right now.

Ooh, I'll be keeping an eye on this.

3136819 Well...That's a silly name, anyway. :P

And she'll probably just be referred to as Mrs. Cake from now on.

And thank you for correcting me. xD I need that.

3138867 I'm not exactly sure what you mean... Do you mean can you write a fanfic with the same idea? If that's the case, by all means, go right ahead! I don't own the idea. ^^

3139252 xD You're welcome! I hope you have fun, I may check it out later if you write it!

My predictions for first week:
Either Lighting Dusk, Spitfire, or Fleur will win first HOH
Braeburn, Cup Cake, or Twilight going home first

3139275 This is exactly the kind comment I want to see. ;)

Don't go changing results just cause someone guesses right now :raritywink:

But I am looking forward to this, being a reality show nut I love the idea.

3139911 Pfft! Changing the results? Of course not! I like to see everyone guess wrong and get all in a tizzy. ^^ Its partly why I started this fic.

Sadly, I am a reality show nut as well. :P I can't get enough of them for some reason.

This is always the fun thing about stories like this, guessing on who who will come out on top and surprising eliminations always keep people on edge and excited. I'm going to through out a premature guess and put my bits on eventual Macintosh win for the whole thing.

It's always the people you love to hate, you watch for the sole purpose of watching them eventually fail some time close to the end or in the finals. There is always that one.

3140084 A Macintosh win, eh? Well, I suppose you'll just have to keep reading to see whether or not you're right.

Exactly. ^^ I started watching Big Brother for Amanda. :P

It's a tad early for an actual prediction but why not right? I had started a similar story myself, but it was based of The Mole, never got around to finishing it though.... maybe I should if I ever find the time and want to write again

Don't even get me started on Amanda :facehoof: However Russell from Survivor will always be my favorite villain. Anyways I'll leave ya be and stop comment spamming now, have fun with the write and I'll be reading as you go.

I was never into reality shows, but this story seems interesting enough. Consider this story liked and followed.

Predictions are HIGHLY encouraged. ;)

Means: Give me ideas 'cause I got 'nuthin.

it's a fanfiction of BIG BROTHER IN EQUESTRIA!!!!!! :pinkiegasp::pinkiegasp::pinkiegasp::pinkiegasp::pinkiegasp:
When i saw this, i squealed SO loud :D

-AFTER READING- I'm excited to see what's next, but i'm a little dissipointed that you replced Julie with the Flim and flam brothers

Er, the name’s Cake – Mrs. Sugar Cake.

Her name is Cup Cake... and also, is this with the AU tag because they don't know each other? Because half these ponies know each other in the canon.

Anyway, awesome story, liked and faved. Can't wait for more :rainbowkiss:

3142359 I mentioned it already (3136819)

Anyway, may as make my own (biased) guesses.

Either Twilight, Fleur, or Cloud Chaser will win.

First one out will either be Vinyl, Big Mac, or Joe.

What d'ya know, Mcranda might be splitting up and we get a crossover with Big Brother. Awesome. (Big Brother super-fan here)

This is certainly an interesting assortment of ponies, and I'm not sure how this will play out. I have a feeling Twilight will pull something out of her ass and get into a very powerful position, as well as Big Mac being the silent strong guy that somehow either gets eliminated the first week, or boosts him right to the top. And who will get HOH? Well, that all depends on the comp itself. The first is usually about endurance, and only the strong survive in those. Also, I have a feeling that Trixie's going to get herself booted off.

And remember houseguests (and people reading this), expect the unexpected. From outside the Big Brother house, I'm The Rainbow Blunderbolt. Goodnight. *cue applause*

3140091 I used to like Amanda, but then she turned out to be a hell of a bitch. Have you seen the live feeds of her? But, at least she makes it entertaining.

Iv never watched Big Brother so seeing what it's all about in pony form might get me interested :yay: Can't wait for more.:eeyup:

3141812 Nope, I got it aaaaallll planned out. xD

I just liking seeing you guys guess stuff wrong. ;)

3142169 I actually DID have a Julie pony, and had a design of her and everything, but...I figured it would be more "MLP" if it had canon characters for the hosts. ^^

3143288 Hah! Another BB fan! Being a starving student I don't have the cash to shell out for ten bucks a month, but I follow Morty's TV blog, which gives me live updates. xD And she is. I'm not too big a fan of Elissa either, I don't like her passive-aggressive needling. At least Amanda has the stones to say what she means to your face. (Even if that makes her a hell of a bully.)


Even though Elissa is Rachel's sister, she's not overly emotional like Rachel was when she was playing. The only thing i didn't like was when Elissa told Helen she was going home if evicted (I am SOOOOOOOOO sad Helen is gone, I wanted her to win :raritycry:)

Oh, and Mcrae needs to dump Amanda, She is a HUGE bully

3144105 I was definitely rooting for Helen to win! I wanted to see Nick go farther as well, but he didn't play smart. Strike that, he played the game too smart. It was suspicious. Maybe they'll both come back in S16.

I like this story already, many interesting possibilities. Liked and faved.

3144113 I missed, like, the first two episodes, so all I knew about Nick was the he was a part of The Moving Company, and that GinaMarie was CRAY-CRAY about him. You know, if he had gotten farther, maybe GM wouldn't have gone ballistic later. And Helen was the first one I wanted to win as well. I was rooting for her SO HARD in the competition for her to get back in the game. But, at least Elissa won HOH, because I like Elissa, surprisingly. She's good at challenges, and maybe I just have a soft spot for Rachel. And, I agree, McRae needs to stop being a spineless jerk when it comes to Amanda, and dump her. She doesn't treat him well, and I'm getting tired of seeing both of them

Just one little typo.
"Flam said said excitedly"

God I love being an irritating prick.

As for predictions, all the colts are gonna get voted out except for donut joe: the fillies won't be able to resist his charms.

Derpy Hooves all the way, if she doesn't win then the contest is rigged. Everypony should underestimate her and not vote her out then near the end she will go into her kick@$$ mode and destroy them all.

That's how I would end it anyway.

Hmm....wonder who the sluts gonna be.

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