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My head is full of pony.


It had to happen eventually.
...actually, no. No, it really didn't.
Set immediately after the events of Boast Busters, Trixie finds herself in a quandary when she realises that she has left her purse behind in Ponyville. She faces a humiliating walk back into town to pick up her money.
Before she can turn back, however, she meets a magical, sentient pine cone... sigh. Okay. Here's a proposition.
If you can make it to the end of this story without going "what" even once, you win a free internet.

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My mind is full of What.

I think I lost when I read the summary, to be honest.
Without a doubt the best Trixie/Pinecone shipfic I've read so far.

This is beautiful. If we still had a star rating system, it would be an instant five.

This is it, guys. It doesn't get any better than this. Pack up and go home. We've had a good run, but the Ultimate Shipping Fic has been written.

To late. I already went "What" when I saw the title.

Also, I am proud to say that as an avid follower of the 'trixie eats a pinecone' meme I did not, at any point, go 'What'.

Do I get my internet now?

This sounds...different. I'll have to check it out later.

Whaa...Di....hunh....I am so fucking confused right now. Great story though.

Just reading the title makes my ass hurt.:fluttershyouch:

Yay, free internet! Thanks!

Yeah, that was weird.

But I like weird.

I knew the pine cone was someone the series had introduced (I actually thought it was Twilight at first), and the ending didn't disappoint.

I'd love to see the follow up as to how Trixie plans to explain THIS one. She's gonna have to pull out all the stops!

Weird but funny, and I got a giggle out of it so here's your thumbs up.

Quite possibly the greatest shipfic ever written.

This was so amazing.:pinkiegasp::trixieshiftleft:

My mind has been broken and shattered to the far reaches of all things derp.....Thank you I must now go and lay down and giggle uncontrollably for a while


That's pretty much the only cognitive thought my brain is capable of producing right now.

I lost at the title XD

I was actually kind of hoping this would be terrible.

But it really really wasn't. That was hilarious. Have ALL THE LIKE I CAN GIVE.

So... one. But it's great. Seriously enjoyed it. Well played, sir/madam.

I never said what.
It was more like:

All my WHAT?

Partly because of the premise, partly because of the story, but mostly because of the fact that I actually liked it.

Seems normal to me. :eeyup:

Good story. Thumbs up.

Indeed you do. It's a bit sticky and I don't know where it's been, but hopefully you'll enjoy it anyway.


I'm just going to pretend its tree sap.

Y-yeah...tree sap...

*Crawls into fetal position and rocks slowly*

I lost the internet, I has sad. :applecry:
I thought this was just a joke at first, but when I saw it was 8000 words I rethought that and gave it a read.
This was really good, which from the title I was not expecting. Keep up the good work!

well i lost i said what as soon as i read the name of the story. now to read the actual story!

HAHAAHAHAHAHAHHAAHHA There were no whats mainly cuz i couldnt stop laughing:rainbowlaugh:

I thought she was going to eat the pinecone. Having the pinecone merge with pinkie and become an alicorn was pretty unexpected.

Yeah I lost the challenge at the declaration of love. The mind that conjured up this mental insanity greatly concerns me.

I love it when someone takes such a bizarre concept and actually makes an entertaining story out of it.

You owe me an Internet. I only said WHY and HOW and not once said WHAT out loud.

Please, give it to me before I take it from you with force.

Sorry. Judging by your profile picture, you're already friends with Trixie. Even if she hadn't already told you the details, it's likely you knew what was going on before you read the story.:trixieshiftleft:
Aah, go on then. I think I have one hidden away in my basement that I can give you.

My Rating System Involving Smilys

Content: :yay: The pacing was perfect, it was filled out in all the right places. It was beautifully written piece that kept me entertained all the way through.
Effectiveness: :heart: I'm gonna say the romance was this fic's strong point. It was a trully heart warming piece. To an mentally unstable psychopath like me, all this was perfectly normal so yeah.... Internet.
Memorabilia: :applejackunsure: I'll probably forget this even existed within a week. Which admittedly is a feat in itself, given the story's premise.
Continuity (Fanon & Canon): :trixieshiftleft: Trixie was acting a little out of character (Both for her Canon AND Fanon personality) but you were trying to make a point, so I'll overlook that. The Twixie-Twilight Rivalry is a major sub-plot, and is practically intrinsically linked to Trixie's character; so it's high disconcerting for to have a Trixie that doesn't even know who Twilight is, let alone feel jealousy or guilt towards.
Overall: :pinkiecrazy:

This fic deserves 4/5 yays


I'm so confused...but I deserve my internet since I slaped myself repeatedly to keep from saying what.

Also....Pinkie as an alicorn....

I'm Vimbert the Unimpressive, and I approve this fanfic.

WHAT in the WHAT with a WHAT

That...was remarkably enjoyable! :pinkiehappy:

Seth squee for 1 month cuz of this

I tried. I failed at "EAT ME!".


Trixie's actually a pretty nice pony.


Um... I liked it? I think. I mean, I'm pretty sure.

This is the greatest shipping I have ever read by far, and that's saying something. This was absolutely hilarious and adorable at the same time. I'll admit my mind was full of "what" at a few times during the story but I laughed and couldn't help but squee at some of the scenes. This has earned it's spot in my favorites. Well done :pinkiehappy:

I won an internet!
(You become immune to "wat's" after reading things like Cloppy Pasta.

first i was all:rainbowhuh:
then i was all:rainbowderp:
then i was still:rainbowderp:

Woot i win an internet! I guess something good did come of all those trollfics ive read.

It wasn't that bad, actually it was pretty good and well written.

Trixie x Piney is, without a doubt, THE new OTP of the entire Friendship is Magic universe for me. These characters have incredible chemistry, and the internal struggle Trixie faced over whether she should eat Piney and gain the power she always desired was conveyed with such raw emotional power.

This is the greatest shipping ever. I mean, it's even better than... Well... My old OTP.



I wasted my "what" when it was revealed the pine cone was female D: . Curse you mlp fandom and your same sex ships! I wanted that internet >_>. So close. "freddy_m.gif"

She felt nothing except the fluffy texture of her feathers. That stallion had lied to her – the wings were not an erogenous zone. Trixie blushed at the memory of their relationship, the thrill of her new wings dampened slightly by the knowledge she had once dated a pervert.

Oh yes. Thank you so much for that. I love wings, but ever since the fandom started viewing them sexually they've been massively downplayed.

That ending...

This... was surprisingly good. I think I need to rethink my life views now.:pinkiecrazy:


I love Trixie to death (Thanks in large part to Sethisto's unknowing, yet relentless assault on my brain's love center) but that was all my brain could manage, especially at "Eat me!".

Regardless of all the WAT still currently buzzing around in my brainy parts though, I absolutely love this story.

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