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While touring Canterlot with her new magic act, the Great and Powerful Trixie finds herself invited to the royal wedding at the castle.

But who's getting married? Why did they invite Trixie? And why are those ponies from Ponyville attending?

The story art is drawn by the talented Amenoo at Deviant Art, originally commissioned by EvanKestral. Used with permission.

Chapters (1)
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Comments ( 116 )

Ah it's up.

Nice fun shippy warm fuzzies.

Still not convinced Twilight would stick with the marriage rather than annulling and trying dating first but I can live with it in this type of story.

Good Grief:facehoof: and LMAO:rainbowlaugh:.
Those were my two reactions to this story.

Well that was quite something pretty funny and kinda cute and fluffy at the same time.
And i wouldn't mind seeing a extension of this story at some point.
Cause there is still more room to expand the story.

I really hope you decide to do a sequel to this. There really isn't enough Twixie Fluff out there.

A nice, fluffy story to end my day.

Seems things ended a little too perfectly, but the hopeless romantic (for this pairing, anyway) can't find fault. I love cute little stories like these.

Well done!

Twixie isn't usually my cup of tea but I have to admit I rather enjoyed this one. Leaves me wanting to see what happens next which is what a good story should do. Nicely done.

Great story. I hope you do a sequel.

Wow! So much positive feedback in so little time! I love you guys!

I admit it's a bit corny and fuzzy, but I like happy endings, and I wanted a story with no real 'bad guys', just conflict derived from an event gone a little bit out of hand. I also wanted to depict the Mane 6 as the good-hearted ponies they are supposed to be from the show, which is why they're willing to be at least polite to Trixie as long as she behaves too. I hate when stories has, for instance, Rainbow Dash assaulting Trixie in public without provocation, because Dashie's not a bully. A prankster, on the other hand...

Also, more demands for a sequel? Dang. I might actually have to do that now. I mean, not NOW now, but at some point. Maybe. If I find any good ideas. You'll just have to wait and see, I guess. No promises.

This story sounds so familiar, but I can't really but my finger on it...

Either way, I really liked it! But the real question is,

When will the aftermath be published?

Applejack shook her head ruefully. "Rainbow, did you ever ask your parents if they had another kid?"

"Don't even joke about that," Rainbow Dash said. She shuddered all over. "So are we gonna have a party today or what?"

Reminds me of a story Yukito wrote, where Trixie and RD were siblings seperted at birth.

Pretty good story, and really hoping the marriage doesn't end in only a week.

“Hooves up, anypony who saw this coming,” Spike muttered. “No plan survives contact with Pinkie Pie.

Spike, the Only Sane Dragon.

That was a sweet story. I knew what was going to happen from miles away, but I still enjoyed it.

I knew Trixie and Twilight were the ones getting married from the beginning, but I never foresaw that it would be an accident.:pinkiegasp:
This is a funny, well-written story and I love it.:twilightsmile::ajsmug::pinkiehappy::yay::raritywink:

"You'll be fine," Rarity reassured her. "You're the guest of honor, so you deserve the best position, after all."

I'm going to assume Trixie was distracted by everything happening at once, and would under normal circumstances know what the guest of honor at a wedding is.

I've read that one :twilightsmile:. Was a very sweet fic.

Well... this certainly was different than I had expected.and I certainly didn't expect Twixie here. But I certainly liked it. :pinkiehappy:
Now suddenly I have feeling to write something like this...

well if not a sequel maybe an epilogue, I am dying to know what twilight said to her brother in that letter

Yeah.... No.:ajbemused: There is just no way I can see this 'story' as being complete, there are WAY too many threads(of far too great a significance) left unresolved, especially with the bit after the letter. I have no choice but to interpret that "Complete" tag as "Cancelled".:ajsleepy:
This is less of a "Good story" and more of a "Prologue of a good story".

3694172 I cannot in good conscience claim that I haven't been inspired by many other good stories in the past. Such as that one.

3695467 Or maybe Rarity (correctly) assumes that placating Trixie's ego is the easiest way to get her to go along with anything. To be honest, I actually didn't consider the implication you've brought up, so kudos! Rarity is apparently more cunning than I expected.

3696200 Now now, don't be that way. I'm not cancelling anything. That's way too depressing. Given how enthusiastically people have asked/petitioned/suggested/demanded/screamed loudly for a continuation, I may just have to do that. Since when has the faceless mob ever led me wrong?

I just need to find, you know, some actual ideas to base it on. We'll see.

Oh, and thanks for the good faith in assuming that the continuation will be good.

this was fun to read, i don't see it happening, but this is a cartoon comedy, so it works. my only real problem; who would know that Derpy would bump into Trixie on that corner? Celestia, Luna, Discord, some pony not you?


I just need to find, you know, some actual ideas to base it on. We'll see.

1) Shining Armour and Cadence's visit to Ponyville and conversations thereof.(and the shenanigans therein)
2) Telling Twilight's parents and introducing Trixie to them.(and the shenanigans therein)
3) Meeting and learning about Trixie's horrid parents and why they are horrid.(and the shenanigans therein)
4) Telling Celestia and Luna and how they react.(and the shenanigans therein)
5) How they get Trixie integrated into Ponyville and the challenges she overcomes to clear lingering resentment.(and the shenanigans therein)
6) The bigger "Second Wedding", with the reactions of the Nobles to yet another commoner marring into the Royal Family so soon after Shining Armour.(and the shenanigans therein)
7) Trixie's reactions/thoughts to all the revelations about Twilight involved in the above six points.(and the shenanigans therein)
These would be the unresolved threads you put into this 'story' that I was talking about, they are also the highly promising plot points that makes this feel so unfinished. These are all major things with a great deal of promise.
(What? I really like shenanigans.)

3696496 Pinkie, because Pinkie.


I tried to go back and read that one after reading this, since comments reminded me about it.

Suffice to say, the author has improved a lot since that fic. I never realized, but, though sweet, there were some glaring issues and nonsensical plot elements in it.


I had another thought in regards to this fic. Though they're by no means required, a good cover image goes a long way when paired with the right description. It catches the eye. It's not that I think you need to be told this, it's just that this seems like a story that could benefit from the right image quite a lot, whether it be pulled from deviantart with permission from the artist and credit given, or gifted/commissioned/requested (I believe there's a group called "Art for Fanfiction" on here where people can ask others.

I myself tend to look at a cover image, and then the description, though I don't ignore a story just because it has none. I wouldn't be here if I did.

3696892 I actually had a nice picture suggested by another reader, which I think I'll ask the artist for. I was initially a bit leery of an image that spoiled too much, but as a few people had pointed out, the premise is transparent as it is.

3696496 As mentioned, Pinkie was behind that.

With her sanity and sense back properly from wherever that horrible amulet had sequestered it

No, no, I'm pretty sure her sanity was missing waaaaay before she picked up the Alicorn Amulet.

The Ponyville fashionista was not nearly as terrifying as, say, a rampaging star-bear, or a flight of dragons, or an angry mob throwing rocks and rotten fruit.

... you sure about that?

Twilight's friends are nuts. God bless them.

Its so adorkably cute! I love it! I figured out the plot early on but the journey to get to this point was well worth it. This was a fantastic and fun story

Oh, this was adorable~! Please, please, please! Tell me that you'll do more? :trixieshiftleft::trixieshiftright::twilightblush:

I saw it coming when :pinkiehappy: officiated. I can't understand why any other pony didn't see it coming. :trollestia:

Fun little story and well worth the read. :twilightsmile:

3697338 Clear evidence that Trixie lacks proper priorities. You can run from bears, dragons and mobs. Rarity, on the other hoof...

3697408 As established as early as episode one. Pinkie's only more obvious about it, really.

3697548 3697888 Thank you! Wow, I still can't believe how well this story did. I have some ideas for a continuation, but I'll need to string it together into something cohesive. Ugh, now everyone's going to have expectations on me. Good thing I actually like writing.

3698099 Possibly because there are limits to what you can suspect of Pinkie's craziness. Unfortunately it's outpaced by Pinkie's actual craziness. 'Truth is stranger than fiction' and all that.


Oh, cool~! Glad to know more might be on the way~! I'll keep an eye out for it, and thanks~!

I have a side story idea for you that involves Spike and a griffin.

I still wanted to read a chapter about Twilght introducing her bride to her brother: "Hey BBBFF, do you remember about Trixie, the showmare who fought and exiled me out of Ponyville and slaved the populace? Well, a funny thing happened..."

3698468 That scene is absolutely in the works. It will be hilarious. ...I hope.

Shining: So how did you two meet?

Twilight: It all started when she publicly humiliated my friends, and I destroyed her career.

Shining: Wait, what?

Trixie: Then Trixie used an evil corrupting amulet to take over Ponyville, forced Twilight to live in the forest, and tortured her friends! Until Trixie was outwitted and defeated. But it was for the best, really.

Twilight: Then my friends decided to marry us to each other as a hilarious prank.

Shining: I... won Cadance by being earnest and loving.

Trixie: Trixie supposes you can do it the dull, boring way too.

I want a Sequel!

I imagine also a line with him say under his breath "ANd trapping all other potential suitors in force fields with an obscured magical signature so they could not approach her and no one could trace them to me"

why is this 1 chapter? It is by far oe of the best if not the best Twixie stoires I have read. Make mre please.

3698247 Gilda returns to Ponyville to apologize to RD only to run into Spike who was heartbroken.

Not to be a broken record or anything but there seriously needs to be more of this. I would love to see what happens when Shining Armor meets up with Twilight and her parents reaction to the news.

LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This story is HILARIOUS!!!!!!!! If it wasn't time for me to go to bed I would have been banging my head on my pillows and laughing all day! :pinkiehappy: Princess Pinkie Pie approves! And so do I! LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Agreed, this story could use a few more chapters.

3699243 I'll do my best, but you guys have to give me time. I honestly wasn't prepared for this response.

3699258 Well, there goes the exclamation budget for next quarter. We'll know who to blame when the next story is all somber and understated. :fluttershysad: Seriously though, thanks!

3699481 Fine! FINE! I've changed it to incomplete, since evidently I don't get any say in where my stories end! I'll put together some kind of continuation, I guess! It'll probably suck though!


Well maybe you shouldn't continue it,then.

You don't have to feel obligated to continue the story if you truly feel there's already everything that has been said and done,or if you don't have enough time for it,you know?

It's your Story after all,not theirs.

Personally, I think the story is just fine as it is. The conclusion wraps everything up nicely, yet leaves a little something to the readers' imaginations.

All in all I quite liked the story, and I think that forcing additional chapters where you don't really need them could detract from it.

3699525 Dancingmad's got a point, It's Your story, not theirs.

Personally? I would love to see this expanded and continued, as You really did do a lot of setting up for such, intentional or not, towards the end.

Honestly? I would rather you only continue it if that's what YOU want to do with it. Like he said, your story, not ours. YOU decide things like that.

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