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For the past few years, Lyra has been keeping a close watch on Twilight Sparkle under the orders of Princess Celestia. Her mission: to ensure the princess's protege is emotionally stable and fit to be the leader of the Elements of Harmony.
Now Twilight has proven herself with the defeat of Discord, Lyra's mission is complete. She can finally drop her assumed identity of Heartstrings and resume her past life in Canterlot.
Or so she thought.
The princess has one final task for her, one that will uncover a conspiracy that could put the whole of Equestria under threat.
Lyra's new mission: to take down the rogue agent known as Golden Harvest.

Chapters (25)
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Something a little different to my other two stories so far, though there's still comedic bits in there. The dark stuff won't kick in until about chapter nine, and if you're not into that then just reading up to chapter eight will give you a passable enough conclusion (though if you stop there you'll never find out what's really going on). :twilightsmile:

What happened to the cute pic of lyra sitting upside down? Nice to see ya on Fimfiction.

Looks epic :pinkiehappy: I'll read it later, so here's a fav

I have a feeling that the pony who would want Lyra dead is *potential spoiler censored* .:pinkiecrazy:

Okay, lemme get this straight. You have 2 chapters currently published, each one is at least 3'000 words . . . and it will continue beyond chapter 9?!?

This is going to be a loooooooonnngg weekend

Haha. This is awesome! I had come to the conclusion that Lyra was a spy a while back Here I will be following your story :pinkiehappy:

And to think I was thinking of reading this fic everytime I saw it updated on EqD, but never actually clicked the link to start reading it (since I haven't had too much time to read new fanfics lately ;_; ).
Then, suddenly, I see this on the FimFiction homepage while searching, bored, for a new fic to read. And it just turns out I have enough free time today.

Delaying time is over. Reading time has just begun. :rainbowdetermined2: (?)


Great and interesting start so far. I've got enough patience as to wait until you update this here on FimFiction to continue reading (Enough patience... Not even I believe that, lol). And that last phrase... Not sure if "cliffhanger" applies here, but it definitely leaves you hooked. Totally looking forward for new chapters! :yay:

lol an interesting idea, I'll have to put this on watch. :raritywink:

YOU, my sir, HAVE DONE IT!

the best thing that could happen is if you put Donut joe, or as he's known in the spy society, Conmate!:pinkiegasp:

I'm definitely following! Your story is great! :pinkiehappy:

This is great woo hoo!:yay:

There was a modest spread laid on by the staff at Sugarcube Corner and four members of the Canterlot orchestra attended to provide a genteel soundtrack to the evening.



Thanks for the spot, but it's correct.:trollestia:

gen·teel   [jen-teel]
1. belonging or suited to polite society.
2. well-bred or refined; polite; elegant; stylish.
3. affectedly or pretentiously polite, delicate, etc.

Genteel is correct - I posted a response with the dictionary definition but it appears to have gotten lost in the system. It means "polite, refined or respectable". Thanks though.

EDIT: Double post = I fail at life.

576254 Darn it, I got trolled by Sweetie Belle again...

Nice chapter :pinkiehappy:
Twilight & Doctor shipping! Also, "she would probably make a great companion for him."

Berry Punch, Carrot Top and Lyra... all spies and on different sides? I wonder if Berry is actually in the same organisation as Miss Top... or should I say Golden Harvest? Hmm...

Shit just got real!

Plus Noteworthy's got the hots for Lyra:pinkiehappy:

I absolutely love this story !!! More !!!!

looks good. tracking.

I'm loving the Doctor showing up in this fic. You're hitting all the sweet spots of a good story in my eyes.

*sees update*
Ooh, new Spyra chapter!
*reads chapter*
*checks story*
Yep, definitely says Spyra...so why is it all about Celestia and Luna?

Don't get me wrong; I enjoyed this chapter and think the history has been created really well. I just find it odd that almost the entire chapter focuses on the princesses and the only link to any of the story previous is Lyra being thrown in at the end.


Thanks for the compliments - this chapter was a bit of an exposition dump and its relevance will become apparent later. How much later?
... quite a bit later. :applejackconfused:

If you really thought I was going to take a threat from the likes of you without doing something about it, you had another think coming.

1. Another thing coming.

Things are starting to heat up... now lets see if CT/GH finds out about the mysterious brown pony with an hourglass for a cutie mark:pinkiecrazy:

this interests me. FireFlash shall track this story now.

That foal is a spy!

Adrenalin taking over

1. Adrenaline.

... Now confusion is all around me because lets see...

GH doesn't know why Hearstrings and BP are fighting so this rules out her working together with BP making Noteworthy's assumption wrong meaning... False... information...:pinkiegasp::facehoof: There might just be a 4th party involved if I am right...

Now there is a 5th player... confound these mis-information missions! ... Now I want answers too... Mainly the only question for me is, why did Celestia say an agent had gone rogue? Was she telling the truth or the half truth?:applejackconfused:


Knew it.



This is a VERY interesting story! :twilightsmile: I am very intrigued by the story plot, and am eager for more! :pinkiehappy: *watches/favs*

Calling it right now, it's Derpy behind this murderous scheming.

But there was someone else outside

1. Somepony.

Blues... We will miss you dear stallion...:pinkiesad2: Leave this job to the mares.

Now I'm just waiting for them all to draw two pistols and point them at each other while standing in a circle.

"Come to think of it, Heartstrings has been in the background everywhere I've been lately."


She looked at the metal hands he had invented. They seemed kind of interesting but were obviously of no use to her, seeing as telekinesis was much more practical.

Lyra NOT caring about hands?!


Well... I guess my thought of Derpy being the possible suspect is out of the question...:pinkiegasp:

Why doesn't this have more attention??

It should, as the well-written story that it is. Also, tomorrow's going to be an awful day for Twilight, just because it's supposed to be awesome


Thank you. :pinkiesmile:
It is featured on Equestria Daily but that only links to my Deviant Art account (you may want to have a quick look there. It's three chapters further on than it is on my FIMfiction account, and there is added Bon Bon craziness in the author's comments. Though I'd still like you to check it out here, of course). I'm getting an average of 300 views per chapter there, which I'm happy enough with.
And yeah... not to spoil things, but there are BAD times ahead for Twilight. :fluttercry: (Fluttercry as there are no sad Twilight icons)


"Someone" was intentional. Don't want to limit my options.
After all, the watcher may not be a pony...

This chapter is doing quite a bit to play into my suspicions as to the identity of our mystery figure. I am fully expecting a subversion, however. Part of me is even expecting a double subversion, in which I end up being right after you toss out something that makes me doubt my original idea.

All this adds up to the fact that you are doing this whole mystery bit beautifully, and that I have a tendency to read pretty far into things. Keep it up.

Now we know the other chapters took place before Lesson Zero... I say that some slight slither of evil/malicious intent has infected Celestia... but that would be too obvious... Hmm... I cannot think:pinkiecrazy:

She's a changeling!! :pinkiegasp:

Okay, maybe not. The point is, she's evil. EVIL!!!! :flutterrage:

So... Lesson Zero, while Adding Cruel Celestia, Lyra, Berry Punch and Dr. Whooves to the mix. Amazing chapter :pinkiehappy: And amazing fic, btw. Keep up the great work! :pinkiehappy:

Doctor Whooves, what did you do? What horrible things did you change or fail to change?

Great chapter! The plot thickens! Looking forward to the next one already!

They let her past
As Twilight came closer

1. Pass.
2. Went.

Oh Twilight... fate has other plans for you... which will most likely involve the four spies as well... I would say may Celestia help us all but...:pinkiecrazy:

Oooh, I want more, this is actually really interesting.:twilightsmile:

936079 uhh, just so you know the mods are banning people for that. :facehoof:

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