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Laid? Lay? Lie? Does a comma go here, over here, and when do I ever use a semicolon? What about if it's in quotations? There, their, they're? What's the difference between 'ought' and 'should'?

Oh, bother, this is hopeless. English is Impossible!

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Hello there. I am Swift Swap, a brony from Italy with an AWFUL english. That is actualy the reason, whit other things, that made my first fanfic comletely FAIL. So, I hope that someone around there could help me, because I really want to improve my writing, before to write the rest of my fanfic. And before someone reply "Hello!!!! The name of this group is English Is Impossible! Hint, Hint!" or something else like that, I am not asking for the Moon! I just want some opinions about what I can change and how I can get better. I ask here because I think to belong to this group, and I also think that you could realy help me. If you dont want, no hard feelings. But please, find the Fluttershy side inside you and give me a hand. Thanks, in any case, just for have read this long, crappy comment until now.

:twilightsmile::twistnerd: Glad you liked it! And yeah, I figured I had shown enough tangling as it was without getting into later periods. A proper history would be much, much longer.

312917 Elric, that is an elegant bite-size history of the language. It's good where you stopped where you did, though. The printing press and the attempts to formalize and define the language by English scholars (in both senses of the word English, as well as our own local definition (which I will remind you is "Impossible" (which those scholars also conform to every sub-definition of, as their colleagues of the times were quick and oft to remind))) made messes and froze weird conventions that baffle and boggle any child old enough to read a Golden Book.

I'm kind of a little bit completely horrible at English/grammar. I grew up and currently live in America and I still haven't learned how to correctly use my language!

It's a mess, all right. If anyone gets bored and/or curious, I actually wrote a few paragraphs in a thread about why it is the way it is.

I've been waiting for a group like this...

I like English, it's my native language, but you're right. It's impossible.

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