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Fluttershy is unable to make it to her job foalsitting Diamond Tiara when Angel contracts the flu, and asks Discord to take her place while she takes care of him. And when the God of Chaos and a complete spoiled brat of a filly are under the same roof, the two are bound to get into quite a few...disagreements.


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Yes. I like this plan. More. Make her suffer. :pinkiecrazy::pinkiecrazy::pinkiecrazy:

She deserves every bit of misery Discord gives her.

3951659 I completely agree with both of you. Oh and KEEP WRITING!!!!!!!!

Finally this brat gets what she deserves

Discord: Well, I am practically perfect in every way. :pinkiehappy:

CONTINUE IT!! Please. :pinkiehappy::flutterrage::scootangel:

I love this please continue kind sir!

I love this please continue kind sir!

I love this please continue kind sir!

Daaaamn, this story has gotten such positive feedback. Now featured on the popular stories section on the home page. :pinkiehappy:

I mean, I know you all wanted Discord to give that little brat what she deserves and all, but...dang. :rainbowlaugh:

While I'll admit I have had an idea where Discord torments Diamond Tiara that has been percolating in my head for a bit, the reaction to this is one of the big reasons I feel the show promotes a messed up sense of priorities. Diamond Tiara is a horrible bitch that needs to be cut down a peg, but having her tortured by a god-like being who has done much worse purely for cathartic value and nothing else doesn't sit right with me.

Diamond Tiara makes fun of people without Cutie Marks and makes fun of the disabled, and many in the fandom feel there's nothing that would be too much for her.

Discord torments people on a national scale and amputates their limbs to make them play his messed up games, undermines their deepest sense of identity, mind rapes people for fun, and does stuff that could get people killed in the process of messing with them just to see if they would be his friend despite him never making any overtures himself, but because he's funny and entertaining and Fluttershy is willing to stand up for him, we don't mind.

If this ends on a "ARE YOU NOT ENTERTAINED" (Warning, graphic violence) /You Bastard-style commentary on the readers, I'd totally approve. Otherwise, I will call hypocrisy.

I do so enjoy good literature my good pony! So please, don't mind me, continue on by all means!:moustache:

3953840 Yeah, we can pretty much agree that Diamond Tiara's a total bitch, and I've wanted to see her get what was coming to her for the longest time. And I thought "Who better to give it to her than the king of smartasses?"

And since Discord's whole "reforming" (and I use that in the loosest sense), he's had to kind of tone his chaos down to a much smaller scale, mostly consisting of using his powers to be a mega troll. And since Diamond Tiara is really not used to dealing with major smartasses, I had decided that Discord fit the bill to give Diamond a taste of her own medicine.

I think the whe point you're making is that we hate Diamond for being a bitch, but we love Discord for it. There's a simple explanation for it. Discord's fun-loving personality makes him very likeable, and you want to hate him, but you JUST CAN'T. Diamond Tiara on the other hand, has seriously no redeeming qualities. Being a troll is one thing, but being a complete asshole is another.

All of that, and i thought it'd be funny.


You win. Anyone who intones otherwise is secretly a Diamond Tiara fan. THEIR OPINIONS DO NOT MATTER!


The last bit is where we disagree, and makes my point about the messed up sense of priorities. Discord, for all his entertainment value, has made the lives of probably millions of people miserable for his own sick amusement and has damn near gotten multiple people killed (including after his supposed reformation), whether necessitating a trip to the middle of the Everfree Forest while dangerous vines that he personally planted ran amok to fix a a problem he caused and could easily fix , or sending Twilight and Cadance to the ends of Equestria under false pretenses, a trip that nearly got them eaten by a Tatzelwurm.

Diamond Tiara on the other hand, may not be likeable, in fact she's a bitch almost all the time, but she's never endangered anyone's life, which is something that the Cutie Mark Crusaders themselves cannot claim to be innocent of, let alone Discord.

See? Secret Diamond Tiara fan.
No one in their right mind argues for the pointlessly evil villains. Especially by comparing villains!

CONTINUE, GOOD SIR. We must see this heinous pig get what's coming to her! Mad Tyrant-style! I'm a staunch Celestia-backer, but I'm going to root for Discord just this once!

Added to read later so I can follow it.

Before I saw the puppeteer stuff, your cover image looked to me like Discord was skateboarding off of DT's head. It seemed hilarious. :pinkiehappy:

3955137 I didn't notice until you pointed that out, but looking at it now...it does. :rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh:

THIS IS SO PERFECT! Two characters in which one is awesome ( Discord) and one SUCKS ( Diamond Tiara) Put them in a situation like this, and you have one of S4 greatest episodes. Seriously....:ajbemused: But Great Story, liked and faved. :rainbowwild::rainbowwild::yay::yay::trollestia::trollestia:

Please sir, can I have some more?

Well this looks like it's worth keeping an eye on. Though I'd honestly expect Discord and Diamond Tiara to end up working together to torture other ponies.

3956090 MOOOOOOOOOOOOOOORE!?!! :flutterrage:

Yeah, let's :ajsmug:

I don't think that's the case actually. No, I expect it has more to do with people having experience with bullying and such in real life. It causes a lot of long term harm, and people build up a lot of hate because of it, hate they then project upon a cartoon character. Meanwhile, they have no experience with chaos demons. And the same goes for other characters the fandom loves who are also much worse than DT. "The death of one man is a tragedy. The death of millions is a statistic."

That real life connection results in people not giving her character a chance. They slap on blinders, resulting in comments like "she has no good traits", when the show itself has shown the opposite. She has ponies who like her besides Silver Spoon; gets along fine with other class mates; can get along fine with the CMC; adults like her; adores her father; doesn't go out of her way to bug the CMC, unlike Babs; etc. You also get people that don't treat her like a character, someone with both good and bad aspects, and instead use her as a one dimensional and rather bland/boring character, when she could be so much more. You know, the usual crap you get in Silver Spoon redemption stories or "the new colt in class who white knights the CMC". It's absolute crap writing, but the authors don't realize it, because they're too busy hating/projecting to actually develop the character, to write a decent story. Instead, they write drivel that mostly appeals to others who are projecting their real life issues the same way.

Which is a real shame because she's a character that has the potential to interact in interesting ways with almost any other character. But for that to happen, you have to see her as a character.

Having written DT & Discord interacting together, I know the two can work quite well together. Discord's love of chaos combined with DT's stubbornness and tendency to be absolutely adorable when frustrated... it's a great combo with lots of potential. The question is: Will that potential be used? Can you get past your dislike of the character to tap into it?

I'm hoping so, because if you can, this could be good.

You have my attention, make haste in releasing the next chapter! :moustache:

3954547 Whelp, I openly enjoy Diamond Tiara as I do any of the CMC, and I still think your opinion is meaningless, because, it literally doesn't affect us from enjoying a pony who has plenty of redeeming qualities such as Diamond Tiara, as long as you aren't a bunch of selfish, trouble making, ponies named Apple Bloom or Scootaloo, and soon Sweetie Belle who ON PURPOSELY destroys the dress of one of Rarity's most important clients for either not getting attention WHEN she wants it or others.

I'm sorry, but all the ponies on the show have flaws. And very much how people like you would probably go mass downvoting stories that show Diamond Tiara outside of a CMC focused light, actually doing stuff with her character, within the show's canon and building with it, I don't go downvoting stories that put their hate and intent on what they want to do to a filly they know nothing about because they don't actually bother to watch and try to understand her character.

She's twice proven already to a bunch of very ignorant bronies that claim all she does is make fun of blank flanks, when in reality she admits to have only used those taunts to get reactions from Apple Bloom and the other CMC.

Opinions don't mean squat to your kind. Bigotry and holding grudges is all you seem to enjoy doing, if you want to spread hate and gather among other equally ignorant people that agree to everything you think to be true, than go on. But even if you look back to Call of the Cutie, you can see many things that have led the CMC to become some very unpopular (in show) ponies. They are the UNDERDOGS and people like to root for the underdog.

Fun fact: Disabled people can be assholes too. Just because you have a disability, does not grant you a right to treat others like their owe you favors. Having worked with and gone on trips with fellow members of the Forum House, I can tell you that a few (I certainly don't make presumptions beyond those I've had encounters with) use their *technical* disability status to get away with a lot of messed up stuff.

No one is a saint. Mane 6 have plenty of flaws. And just because you like Discord, doesn't make him any less of a potential genocidal murderer. Did you not see two ponies about to be potentially killed right by him as he filed his claws?

If you ask me, the sick ones are the ones who praise these lunatics and use them to abuse children.

But, it's a good thing my opinion of your kind are meaningless, so I imagine you'll feel right as rain ignoring all this and continue reading your Diamond Abuse fics with your buddies as you each wank each other off to some ancient god whose tormented and emotionally raped countless others to do so again to an opinionated pink filly whose obsesses with social status and not liking the school fillies you probably clop to at night.

ta-ta, :trollestia:

And to the Author,

All I could ever ask from those who hate Diamond Tiara, and actually crap their hate out to join onto the cesspool of other stories written that serve no purpose but to enact the disgruntled fantasies of authors onto a fantasy character, here on Fimfic, is just this: Please, just TRY to make it not suck.

As is Chapter 1 got the ball rolling well into a "Taste of Your Own Medicine", and it would be a shamed to waste a decent setup just to make Discord do things to do things. I'm personally still holding my own judgement towards this story, you can write a good abuse fic that stays within the contents of the show and tries to make us believe it would happen, or you can write a shitty one. There is a pretty big difference. I'd advice watching episodes closely with Discord and Diamond Tiara.


You typed all of that and are still both wrong and a pretentious jackass. I applaud you.

I don't actually like Discord, and I was the one pointing out the fact he was a genocidal tyrant to this fandom long before you picked up on the train, son. But in a situation between Tiara and Discord, I'll actually side with Discord (until such time as anyone else walks up and I can ditch the accursed snake). One has done evil, one is evil. One is by choice, one is by nature.

Also, given the content of your masturbatory post both to me and the writer, you've made it rather obvious that you're a fan of Diamond Tiara. While my post you're replying to was entirely a joke in the theme of the story - the fact you would actually stoop to defending such a monstrous character so vehemently to other persons tells me you need help. Severe help, and potentially away from other people that you might do wrong by. Also, fantastic generalization with "your kind", there. As if you possessed the level of comprehension necessary to ascertain anything about me that wasn't pure speculative bias meant to stroke your flaccid ego.

There's so much wrong with your post I won't even bother to go into it. But frankly, you need to grow up. I can only feel pity for you and your backwards, misguided ways, complete with your pent-up hatreds and superiority complex. Stay classy, and keep repping your little pink monster who emotionally scars others to get her own rocks off - just like you failed to do.

Good work man! Great chapter to read! A really funny chapter! Looking forward to more! All the best in your writing dude!

I'm new on the site btw. Nice to meet ya! Once again, awesome work dude!

Melted cheese? Harsh, Discord...

Nice chapter with a bit of Looney Toons mixed in.

I wonder what will happen now that Silver is around...

All in all a fine chapter objectively speaking. was expecting DT getting showered with chocolate or some sort of rainbow dye that changed her coat color when she spoke of taking a shower. The cheese thing didn't feel very Discord. Too direct. Also, Discord doesn't lie, he just has a sort of mix between ironic and taking things literal in sense to his humor at time.

All in all, the breakfast act was probably my favorite. Discord is very dismissive and utterly ignorant or a mortal's basic needs and just plain doesn't give them a care unless told to by Flutters or Twi.

Keep up the good work.

3981548 No different from your level of generalization of people who choose to enjoy things you don't.

And you speak of pretentiousness? That's quite the laugh coming from you. How I speak to the author is his business, he certainly doesn't need you to stick your nose in such business.

Your opinion of me won't change how and to whom I type to. I don't have to prove myself to others nor myself, as you appear to find a need to do. You and Me are faceless entities bickering on the internet and you're free to say every name in the book of insults you wish.

Because I'm a keep doing what I do:
being beautiful! :duck:


You're still a prick who attacked me for no reason when I wasn't speaking to you, insulting you or anyone else. Frankly, you can take your oppressively self-aggrandizing attitude and shove it right back up where it came from.


I am willing to forgive you this once just for that snapshot of selfie-face Scoots. Damn you.

I so far am enjoying this story... though discord does seem a bit out of character. :twilightsheepish:
(just a bit!) also i don't think Diamond Tiara would swear like she did in this chap.

Ah yes, the good old soda that exists just so you can have a spit take.

Is it wrong that I find Fluttershy's cuteness to be the most hilarious thing I've seen in the past week?

This would actually be a great premise for an episode. :pinkiesmile:

Moar! :flutterrage:

Faved; this ought to be awesome.

Fluttershy is unable to make it to her job foalsitting Diamond Tiara when Angel contracts the flu, and asks Discord to take her place while she takes care of him. And when the God of Chaos and a complete spoiled brat of a filly are under the same roof, the two are bound to get into quite a few...disagreements.

An author with a bit of a taste for the dark side of the FIM fanbase.

A bit? A BIT? Poor Discord, she's going to tear him apart, and feed the pieces to her goldfish!

I just noticed something...I think that one dislike might be Diamond Tiara. :rainbowlaugh:

Come on! bring on the next chapter! it's been MONTHS!!!:pinkiegasp:

4316841 I know. Been on a little bit of writer's block with this story. I'll try and update before the week is over.

Sorry about such a long wait! :fluttercry:

4317542 :pinkiehappy: Thanks! And I know what you mean by the writer's block. I haven't written anything in over a month! I need some inspiration so I've been reading.
p.s. I LOVE the way you write about Discord! I can never find the right words to describe his magic.

Alright! Glad to see this moving again.:rainbowkiss:

My money is on him taking or hiding their cutie marks.

Comment posted by Aurora Dimmet deleted May 5th, 2014

Suck it beetch! I normally hate Discord, but still putting all my bits on him. Smack that bitch until she gets right.

disurd iz so meen

y he urt fily

they dunt deserv it they cind and friendli insid

he ivil!!%!!

Discord is my fav character, and writers (including myself) seem to have a hard time portraying his personality and describing his magic. But, once again, you have done wonderfully.
p.s. He's gunna take their cuty marks and put them on a blank frlank, isn't he? Oh Discord! You hansom genius you! :rainbowlaugh:

4360223 Thank you! I just love writing for Discord. He's just so random and fun to write for. :twilightsmile:

I pity Diamon if she angers Discord...

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