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Pregnancy is hard. Not just for the mares, but for the stallions as well.

After one mishap, what started off as a romantic night for Rainbow Dash and Soarin' will shape the rest of their lives forever.

That'd be all fine and dandy for Rainbow Dash, but Soarin' isn't making things any better for himself when he keeps uttering the same word that annoys Rainbow to no end.

"Sorry", and its other variation, "I'm sorry."

Written for PimpArtist101's contest--which this story WON!

Cover by PimpArtist101

Chapters (1)
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Inb4 enigma realizes there's five letters in 'sorry'

I'm glad the drama was very light. Nice little prompt-fic.

Dash is always funniest Mom because you just know she's going to be the most upset about the weight gain (except maybe Rarity) and the Doctor's orders involving amount of activity.

Klamnei #3 · Nov 15th, 2016 · · 1 ·


now write the sex please senpai

That was adorably awesome!:yay: SoarinDash is so cute, especially when their both put into a scenario involving a foal and/or pregnancy like this.

We all know there could be a sexy sequel to this... and I'm not even sorry for the suggestion.:rainbowlaugh:

That was really cute, I really like RD in this one.

7724179>>7724201 Yeah sexy sequel would be good please!:rainbowwild:

It's so fluffy!:rainbowkiss:

Rainbow ? help but worry if all his efforts were starting to take their toll on the stallion.

? = couldn't

7724145 was waiting for a 'NOOOO' from Soarin.

7724167 AJ wouldn't like it either, but only cause she couldn't do her chores and have the rest of the family falling all over her.
"AHhhh, will ya all stahp it! I'm so bored, will ya lemme apple-bucking do summin already?"

He was in the corner, huddled on the bathroom floor,

What the Sombra is Soarin doing on the floor?:rainbowhuh:
"Will you quit perving on my flanks, and stop doing that, you'll go blind for Clover's sake!"

went to his office for a checkup on the foal via ultrasound.

One day someone will be more inventive in this and come up with Lunar Echo Location Imaging, rebounding a Lunar pony's echo location signals off of the womb and 3D imprinting into a large magic imbued crystal, ideal keepsake.

his wings slowly extending,

I vote for 'his wings snapping out to a supersonic crack of a wingboner':rainbowwild:

Story Approver

Lot of people have issue making short one shots that work well. You do not have that issue.

Well done, very amusing for the short read it was. I know some are calling for a sequel, and I share that sentiment. Would be great to see this as a long story. Definitely.


"Sorry", and it's other variation, "I'm sorry."


Excuse me.


Its a nice little short story, good job dear sir.:moustache:

In which we find Soarin is Fluttershy's long-lost other brother.


his wings slowly extending,
I vote for 'his wings snapping out to a supersonic crack of a wingboner':rainbowwild:

Yeah, I read a lot of clop, and those are the two basic interpretations of what a wingboner looks like. Slowly rising to the occasion, or flaring suddenly at the rush. I also vote for the supersonic crack.

They totally banged. I just know it. :trollestia:

Delightful little story!


Story description in the featured box cuts off right at saying "...he keeps uttering the same word that annoys Rainbow to no end."
My first thought:
"Abort" :pinkiegasp: :rainbowlaugh: :twilightsmile:

(I'm a terrible person.) :trollestia:

Cute. This could do with a sequel.

So this story was basically about Soarin, if he was Canadian. I'm okay with that.

Luckily, Soarin had one pickle left for Dash at the end.

Ayyyy, you got it!

Gold star!

be it a colt of filly.

Little typo there, but anyway, it was an enjoyable read. :pinkiesmile:

But I just met you...
And this is crazy...

Haven't read this yet, but I just had to comment that saying "sorry" is my default reaction when I don't know how to react. It... annoys some people, but it virtually guarantees that no one gets TOO mad at you. That said, it's probably not a good habit.

This is a perfect example of why Soarindash is a unique shipping and my OTP.
They're just so cute together!:rainbowkiss::raritystarry::derpytongue2:

7726709 WE'RE ALL CRAZY! :pinkiecrazy:


And Soarins reaction at the end though :rainbowlaugh:

:duck: Cravings? I'll give you cravings ever get the wanting of licking gems?
:moustache: and fire proofing everywhere the baby goes?
:twilightsheepish: or her teething on the castle walls?
:twilightsheepish: what's so funny?
:rainbowwild: Letting my foal out over Ponyville diaperless!
:moustache: cool!

Despite not liking, hell even hating soarinxdash, this is a nice fic.

Also god damn it, I *JUST* realized that it was YOU who did it XD Chalk another one up to the list!

Where did you get that from?


Where did you get that from?

The pictures came from Derpibooru. The artist is was Kumkrum

:rainbowlaugh: I swear to god I thought Rainbow Dash was going to kill him if he said sorry one more time :pinkiecrazy:

If Soarin thinks he's sorry now, just wait until Dash goes into labor. No sorry in the world will keep him safe.

7724580 Shh! If you pump his ego up any more, his head will explode. :P





No, even worse...

What is the word?



While on the whole good, I wish a little more had been done with Soarin. It felt like you could have taken almost any male character and replaced Soarin with them; he didn't feel distinct enough. Basically, I wish there had been a little more to make the story feel like it was about Rainbow Dash and Soarin rather than Rainbow Dash and a stallion who happens to be Soarin.

Notes for later stories.

Wow, that was lovely! Thanks you for that! Short but very, very sweet!

Wow is all I can say. Honestly.

I loved how you pointed out she has patient rose colored eyes. Not only did you give her eyes a better adjective, you had shown that under that thought exterior, she is still beautiful. Although you'd expect that, she's in a little girls' show.

I also like how Rainbow was able to tell Soarin' he doesn't always need to say 'sorry'.

"I'm sorry I don't forget the pickles more often," he uttered before following

LOL:rainbowlaugh: Soarin you wouldn't see your kid if that happened!!:rainbowlaugh:

"I just had something the size of a watermelon forced through something the size of a lemon. How do you THINK I feel?" (From the movie Look Who's Talking ?(ICR)

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