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This story is a sequel to Passion

After dying for ponykind's sins, Heaven is not what Rarity expected.

CW: Blasphemy

Cover art made in three minutes by Seer

"This is Canon" - Undome Tinwe

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Seer #1 · 2 weeks ago · · ·

Gonna tell my grandkids this is what the bible is.

Glad to see this is finally up on fimfic where it fucking BELONGS. It might not ever reach the heights that it did in the voice call with Shas's haunting rhombus voice, but goodness me if it doesn't make so [WINGDINGS] happy that it's up

Anyway, eventually she found a rhombus.


This exchange goes on for like another ten minutes and it’s not funny or interesting so I’m not going to bother transcribing it. Saint Peter isn’t helpful. Yes, it’s Saint Peter. You knew that, I knew that, only Rarity didn’t know that and she’s not important.

It's true, I did know that! =D

I feel like this quote just absolutely sums up the tonal tomfoolery inherent to this fic.

This is Canon


To Passion or the Bible?

this is the kind of OG author support this story deserves

Seer #8 · 2 weeks ago · · ·


hi mel

At the end, when I saw the author's note saying that Tinwe had approved this story, I breathed a sigh of relief. Before reading this fic, I read the one it was based on and that it linked to, and saw how Tinwe had said it was a somewhat serious way of working through religious stuff. There wasn't anything in the summary to say Tinwe had approved it, and when I saw the radically different tone, I was initially worried- and I am extremely glad that those worried were disproven. That was the point at which I could relax and appreciate the story for the funny and irreverent piece of fiction that it was.

Not sure WTF this was, but I liked the constructed nonsense. You're doing God's work and [other themed pleasantries]. Upvote

Immaculately absurd. Well, the “we both know where this is going; let’s skip ahead bit” was a bit overplayed, but overall, this was a delight. Perspective is a cruel mistress at times, but just because you’re insignificant on a cosmic scale doesn’t mean you can’t make a difference. You just need to approach matters nore diplomatically. And it helps when the management actually cares.

Thank you for a lovely bit of apocrypha.

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