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Today, Fluttershy is a changeling.

An edited and expanded version of my entry in the Quills and Sofas Speedwriting Koren Kontest 3. The prompt was "Smile like you mean it."

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Well that was cute , not the kind of fic I read usually but the cover art took my attention , I think I saw it somewhere else but I can't remember for the life of me ...
Would it be possible to have the source of it , please ?

Gosh I hope it's not anything NSFW because i'd hate myself if it was.

It's linked to https://derpibooru.org/764024 , so I'd assume that's it.

Oh welp , I am semi-disappointed in myself , it's not NSFW but definitely unconventional . I wonder where the heck did I see that one to start with because I never go to this site ...

Anyway , thanks !

there was a loop where Fluttershy was always just a banished by her sister Chrysalis. she was really good at it. even looping twilight didn't realize she was anything but a more angry Fluttershy till using the Elements caused her to drop her disguise.

The description reminds me of a news channel for some reason. "It was revealed that today, Fluttershy is a changeling. In other news, a new restaurant has opened in Ponyville."

A curious little story. I quite liked it, especially the slow reveal of the greater context. Thank you for it.

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