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In Luna's day, lovers wooed one another with splendorous poetry, beautiful songs, fancy dinners, and flowery niceties. But to gain the affection of an unconventional mare, she's taken steps for an unconventional confession.

Preread by Timaeus.

Art by Neuro Pone.

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Super cute great job :pinkiehappy:

oh my goodness, this was adorable! i love love love me some luna/pinkie, so this was a nice surprise to see turn up! they were both super in character as well!!

branching out? oh my.. i never thought about luna pie...

Nothin' tastier than a Moon Pie.

Huh. You actually made this ship believable.

Fluffy as the marshmallow smooshed in the middle of an old fashioned Moon Pie :raritywink:

That was the sweetest thing I've ever read! The last story I saw with a Moonpie ship was from 2012, so nice to see it in action again. :pinkiesmile:

Hmm, MoonPie. First time I've seen this....:moustache: hmmmmmmm..... after reading this:

I haven't seen a Luna/Pinkie shipfic before, but I absolutely love this one!


Wow that went pretty well actually. I'll admit I had a doubt, but you consistently manage to ship outrageous pairs with ease. That was adorable.

Huh. Moon Pie. Not a ship I've often seen, but you sell it very well. I especially love the gradual pace blended with Pinkie's spontaneity. A lovely read. Thank you for it.

Welp now I need to find more MoonPie

well ill be damned. a luna ship other than twilight or applejack that i have entirely enjoyed.
great job.

So when will Pinkie get to try on the Nightmare Moon armor?

I suppose that would depend on whether Luna melted it down or not, and whether Pinkie ever felt that something Luna would be okay with her doing.

Pinkie: "Hey, remember that time my friends and I blasted you with a rainbow? Good times!"

I'd like to see that hurdle crossed in their relationship. :rainbowlaugh:

But srs, this is an interesting ship involving two of my favorite characters, and I'd love to see how much further this goes.

Thanks, I'm glad you enjoyed it. It was certainly an interesting time trying to see how to portray Pinkie without going over the top with her antics or underscoring them.

So much FLOOF. I love it.

Huh. I will join in the chorus of others and go yeah, this wasn't a ship I was convinced would work but you make it believable and you write the two of them very very well. Lovely job.

Have a :moustache:

I really liked this, it's rare to see a good shipping fic with Pinkie Pie...which is...kinda sad actually. Moon Pie is definitively something I'm gonna ship from now on.

Also, when I read this...

Treachery! her mind shrieked.

...I could help but think of this...

What a sweet story. You have a wonderful grasp of the characters and their voices.

I approve of this ship, and this fic. :)

I have no memory of why this specifically ended up in my read later list, but it was stinking adorable so I have no regrets!

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