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How'd that Changeling end up at the wedding anyway? Read on for his tale of woe and inconvenience at the hooves of a lazy and paranoid Queen Chrysalis.

If this feels rushed, it's because I wrote it in the hour and a half after the episode ended, hoping to be the first one to address the topic with a story. Then the finicky approval pipeline happened. But rather than complain about that, I'd like to take a moment to thank the story-approvers for the vital but inglorious work they do. They've had to trudge through 55 of my abominations, and anypony (or 'ling) who can survive that has my immense respect.

Happy reading! :twilightsmile:

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6089804 I wrote it within an hour and a half of the episode ending, but it took a while for the moderators to get to it.

If this feels rushed, it's because I wrote it in the hour and a half after the episode ended, hoping to be the first one to address the topic with a story.


6092283 hey, karma dictated that this story failed moderation the first time because the description wasn't long enough, so at least three other changing stories based on the same scene came out before it anyway.

6091179 How much more meaningful would you say someone actually commenting on your story to say it is good than just upvoting and leaving? I'm trying to figure out if taking the time to leave a comment on stories is worth it.

6092513 it really depends on what you say, but reader interaction is definitely one of the things that drives us authors to keep writing. While the act of writing it's self is not necessarily very fun, seeing others enjoy what we've made is extremely rewarding. And so please, Comment away.

I won't partake in any cake.
Shield of boringness

It was silly, but the references were funny.

It would be hilarious if that turned out to be why he was really there.
I can't wait to see the changeling again in the show itself.

Random and funny.....I love it!:heart:

6092934 and I love your profile picture!

6094426 have you been living under a rock regarding the hundredth episode?

And I would fly 500 miles
And I would fly 500 more
Just to be the 'ling who flew
1,000 miles to wind up at your door

My pleasure.

I just find it so awesome that the producers acknowledged the fan base to toss us a few of our own tropes back to us :pinkiehappy:

Very funny! I liked it!

6093174 Did you get your badger back?

Chrysalis, why would they use Netflix when they can come on this site?

6108322 I hear Orange is the New Black is pretty good.

6111154 ...
MrWeebl video.
Ya know, forget it.

That story was terrible for the inclusion of things that don't exist in Equestria. If you wrote TVs and Computers into a story that was not attached to direct events in the show it could be seen as an alternate universe. What you have done here is a world break, and that is not funny.

I found it hilarious. Especially all the references. A like and a fav from me.


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