Man, a lot of stuff happens in this story. Spike ODs on cocaine, Twilight has to revive him, somepony gets murdered, Gilda is a baker now I think, the CMC beat up Diamond Tiara, and there's a gryphon pimp named Pussycat McGee. Oh also Rick Sanchez briefly shows up for some reason. An exceedingly dumb collab with TheRedBrony, created after a drunk/high agreement to create such a monstrosity at BronyCon.

Once upon a time, a long time ago, TheRedBrony wrote a story I really liked.

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I haz nu wordz....

How the actual heck is this teen

Personally, if I were you I'd have waited until the skirtsfic was out of the Featured Box before releasing anything, in order to not split the crackfic traffic, but you do you. (Also, splitting the infinitive "to split" be like)

this was an... experience

It was then that a strange thought crossed Starswirl’s mind - Isn’t cheese just coagulated cow titty sweat?

Yeah, basically. That and gut bacteria. Monotremes nicely demonstrate how mammary glands developed from sweat glands.

Between this, the Skirtsfic, and GMBlackjack's story he wrote just after surgery, this has been a very good week for insanity.

“Oh gawd, oh fuck!” he moaned. “I haven’t had sex this great since that one time Stygian--”

This feels like it needs to be another story.

Speaking of Pinkie and Cocaine:

TPinkie Pie's Coke Dealer Gets Stiffed
Pinkie's Cocaine dealer is an anthropomorphic cat named Thrilla Vanilla. Things don't go too well for him. A cursory discussion of Equestrian drug culture and policy also occurs. And also interspecies breeding.
Super Trampoline · 1.3k words  ·  8  9 · 393 views

No graphic depictions of sex

9874011 Hehe, that was me!
9874024 Maybe Trampoline will write it?
9874050 Indeed it was!

...can i read the mature version:moustache:

what the fuck are you on and is it legal

Mmm, i think your imagination is preferable to mine...nor do I wish to go down that rabbit hole:pinkiecrazy:

Nothing right now, actually.

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