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When you've built your life around crusading, how do you live when the war's called off?

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4857067 was the one I was thinking of. I cry every time I watch that video.

4857067 Ah, late Queen. Always a classic. If I recall correctly, that was their last music video before Freddie's death. :(

4857126 Yeah, they used black and white to hide how bad he looked I think. :(

Not quite. I believe it was the last music video that featured new footage of Freddie. Any shots of him in the awesome music videos for "The Show Must Go On" and "Innuendo" (my favorite Queen song) are from previous '80s videos of the band.

When there was nothing good on tv.

4857152 Pretty sure the Innuendo video came out before the TATDOOL video. :applejackunsure:

Still, all of them are awesome! Too bad there aren't any singers like Freddie around anymore :pinkiesad2:

4857267 I dunno. I think this Justin Bieber kid's going places.


6620008 Like prison and rehab?

That like bar is disappointing. An entire dislike? Who could do such a thing!?

7288959 probably the work of Chrysalis.

That's no longer a drop in the bucket of her banishment years. That's more like a soup spoon now.

A good turn of phrase.

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