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Twilight and Starlight try to get Trixie to make a friend. It doesn't go very well. Then Sunset and Party Favor hang out for a few paragraphs, and then Twilight and Rarity gossip about Suri Polomare. These three scenes aren't particularly connected.

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I don't want to read this, but I have a bad case of morbid curiosity....

Edit: And I was right! You successfully killed what little braincells I had left. Good job.:pinkiesad2:

Thank you, Sage, with the Egophiliac profile picture!

Based on what the thumbnail promised, I was hyped up for this and it absolutely did not disappoint.

Bold of you to go in expecting a good story from me in the first place.

Well I decided to give the benefit of a doubt, that people could change.

Instead, U shoed meh da wae, da wurld rlly iz.


This story delivers exactly what it promises

"But I don't wannnnnaa" Trixie complained. "I just want to smoke crack and fuck Starlight and go nowhere in life like in Totally Legit Recap episodes!"

it me

I miss totally legit recap

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