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You wrote something serious? I don't understand.

Usually its silly. But sometimes you go to your other mode, which I affectionately call suicide-note-bleak.

I like it, I think.

7927767 this was my site bio for a long long long long long time.

Well, that was nicely depressing.


Mostly I wish we could our collective heads out of our collective rear ends

I feel you're missing a word there.

I've rarely seen him in this mode. I do rather like it, the darkness calling out and Trampoline reaching in.

This story reminds me of my parents, except without the love and affection. It was never there to begin with. Just hollow words. Obligation, locking themselves into a family like they wanted, just like they thought they saw in the happiness of society around them. Pssshhhhh... they should've considered love first rather than wanting to start a family before they got too old. The're incompatible. Ever watch your parents share a kiss. I have literally never seen that. It's going through the motions, being miserable while trying to keep anything good from this mistake from falling apart.

Yeah, sorry. I feel a bit bitter. There's something enjoyable about stewing in one's bitterness, though.

7930416 my parents had what seemed like a wonderful marriage for over 30 years before my dad suddenly threw it away to have sex with his secretary. I compare that with cases like your parents, or my friend I hung out with a few days ago, where they are perpetually arguing and it seems like they'd be better off separate.

Well. That was a thing. Not really sure what to say beyond that, or what it has to do with broccoli treehouses.

7932264 I often, come up with story concepts while half asleep. When I find them all I have is the title and the picture, not even a description. I never did figure out why I put the Brockley treehouse there.

Pleasantly bleak. A good look into a true co-dependant relationship, many people don't realize just how toxic they are.

I just figured it was leaning towards the reformed Changelings being mostly shades of green? The character being one of those transformed ones makes it a bit more troubling than it already is.

This was simply fantastic! Not only that, but there is such a lack of errors here that I'm quite surprised. Only one kind of stood out.

So we make do with what we have.

You meant "make due" right?

7942454 Glad you appreciated it! But no, it's meant to be "Make do", which means to do the best one can with the situation or resources at hoof.

Huh, interesting. My life is a lie.

7974722 thank you! I'll post a blog about it when I get a chance, which probably won't be for a couple days. thank you so much!

7976943 Oops I forgot to blog about it let me do that now.

I feel it’s a bit short for what you’re trying to do here. You made your point, but isn’t the objective to convey a bleak romance? We can’t care for something we aren’t attached to. Lovely start to an idea though.

Yeah I'm not good at making longer stuff I tend to not finish it :(

Author Interviewer

 Forget the Hearths Warming Tale, I'm the one who's settling in Equestria

This is kinda brilliant.

Looks like I never linked to it in the story description! :( my bad, that's been corrected! :)

I don't believe in divorce in situations like this, so I hope they become better people with each other, rather than without or not at all.

Marriage is not something that depends on continuous love, but a commitment to recreate love when it wanes.

Also, I note the bit about being an average lover, and will say that (s)he is making a logical error in comparing his/herself to only changelings rather than all people their spouse could have ended up with. This might indicate that they are just in a pessimistic mood, and/or have a depressive personality?

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