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I only use prereaders if I'm writing something of decent length and quality, which is why I never use prereaders. :rainbowlaugh:


Daring Do rips her jeans and has to go home to repair them. But can you ever truly go home?

A poorly constructed parody of When the Levee Breaks by Cynewulf. Humanized, because ponies don't wear jeans. I mean, they could, but they generally don't. Choo Choo! All aboard the "Who cares if it doesn't make sense" train!

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That was.
And it was singular.

To that footnote: I feel ya!

7529268 did I post this on Cynewulf's Page or something because it's not finished yet?

You posted it in a comment of your "Savage Ways" fic. I didn't realize it wasn't finished.

I initially thought that the abrupt ending was intentional, which made it both extremely unsatisfying and hilarious. :rainbowlaugh: This was pretty funny as is, though it feels like some of the jabs at Cyne's writing style are more applicable to his blogposts rather than to When the Levee Breaks itself.

Wow, that was anticlimactic!

The who cares if it doesn't make sense train, eh?


Also, question, how did you get text boxes within your story?! I just use the quote button, but I've never seen anything like those before!


blah blah blah

works in stories and blog posts but not comments

8120539 Huh. Never knew that.

This was something alright. Enjoyable though :pinkiehappy:

why you gotta deconstruct me like this and also surpass me

also Delta airlines is actually named after the real Delta cause it started there



You, sir, have a strange and unusual mind! :rainbowlaugh:

8127180 And you have a cool backyard!

8127130 I just took my usual writing style and replaced randomness with pretension. ''Twas fun :P

This was legit pretty hilarious.

Would have been funny if Ahuizotl was motivated by having his own jeans shredded once upon a time, though.

8136576 let's be honest Ahuizotl is the type of cat who would buy preshredded jeans

Author Interviewer

I have to be honest, I was kind of disappointed by this. :C

Though now I'm starting to think it's because you have finally outshined all and sundry and I cannot grasp your magnificence.

I just ran out of steam by the end so I decided to go with a sort of shaggy dog ending

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