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Super Trampoline

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In this exciting collab with the late great Fattymagee1, Princess Cadance explodes, then turns into a refrigerator, Shining Armor seeks out molly as a substitute for cheese, Ember and Thorax get it on while rolling, and Twilight tries to seduce her brother.

Contains: drug use, expletives, mild incest, foreplay, and alluded to but not described intercourse.

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What a strange title.

So when was checking the feature box, I saw the Title and story image at the top of the New Stories box. When I moved my mouse over the title, and the pop-up link thing revealed the full title, I immediately knew who had posted it. What I'm getting at is that I don't even need to check the author to tell when Super Trampoline has struck.

like both the plant cheese and Molly hard to sub one without having the other. 😂

That title sounds like one for a TF2 Smexual.

I know of TF2, but what’s a smexual?

The title alone makes your story... very charming! :trollestia:

So, would Pinkie's fragmentation in "The One Where Pinkie Pie Knows" be a good example of a mathematical blow-up? Also, is it possible to disassemble an alicorn in a way such that you can assemble two identical alicorns from the pieces?

Are alicorns topologically analogous to a sphere?

Like a YouTube Poop, but before those were really a thing. Look some up.

Given the GI tract, I'm pretty sure they're torii.

GI tract? Everypony knows that

TPrincesses Don't Potty
Twilight realizes she hasn't ever seen Celestia excuse herself to use the bathroom.
CDRW · 26k words  ·  2,411  42 · 29k views

Okay, Trampoline, I love you, but what the fuck did I just read.


A collaboration between two great minds.

Is there really a plant named Princess Molly?

Yes. I was as surprised as you are. Multiple nurseries sell it.

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