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Spike invited Ember and Thorax to celebrate Heartswarming Eve, sadly Spike had no idea how hard it is for changelings and dragon to make such a long road through snow and ice.
Thankfully they find some shelter in a lonely cave and have the chance to work up some feelings. Little did they know, that they will learn more about love and share here in this cave, than during the celebration in the castle.

This Story is original made for Jinglemas 2017

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Comments ( 8 )

Love the story. It does need some proof reading and some grammatical corrections but all-in-all a very nice one-shot.
Possible sequels? I would very much love to see where Ember and Thorax's relationship goes.

Maybe ther will be a sequel, but for now it is just a one shot for jinglemas :)

That's fine. I really hope for sequels, though.

Same with me I would like to see sequel

D'awww! I wanna see what the baby dragon-changeling looks like. I bet it's adorable. At least Ember won't have much explaining to do, since it's an egg and dragons lay eggs just like changelings.

If you wanted to make it humorous, you could have Thorax end up pregnant, too. After all, he's now the sole ruler of the hive. The eggs have to come from SOMEWHERE unless they mate like ponies now. I'd love to see a bunch little dragon-lings wandering around the changeling hive...and Pharynx's WTF expression when he sees they're not exactly pure changelings. :pinkiecrazy:

Indeed I thought this is an important part of the sequel, I mean about changelings need someone to lay eggs ^^

Not bad, not bad at all.

thank you, I appreciate that :)

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