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Super Trampoline

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Armed with multiple legal and illegal substances, Super Trampoline enlists the help of various authors at Horizon's author party to write a crappy story about Spike's eighteenth birthday party held at Twilight's castle that has a lot of chaos.

Written by Super Trampoline with some help from xjuggernaughtx, MyNibIsIntact, Prockett2, DarkLink22, DJFireFrost, Filler, AbritiveHaze, Blackwell, Phoenix Quill, KiyaDentrun, ButterflyCrossing, JinxyChan, Chibi Chabot, Terabyte West, Flutterpriest, biasedeyes, Regidar, Pwnyville, ClopandCircumstance, Nick Ha who tried to sign in as shortskirtsandexplosions, Jordan/Ventariel, Marx, Cypher (Jake), Ponyamorous, Jordan179.

Special thanks to Xepher and Horizon for organizing the hangout and tolerating me.

I'd like to point out that the BABSCon story was less a collection of smashed authors collaborating and more of Super Trampoline yelling out, "horizon, give me a car that was popular in the late 70s" or "xjuggernaughtx, I need a villain from the show." What you have subjected yourself to was a double shotgun blast of pure Trampoline, unfiltered and unedited. It's like radioactive creativity."

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Comments ( 21 )

Oh... I see how it is. Not even invited? No-no, I get it.

7154180 wait are you at BABSCon?


I should have come. Stupid job.

7154218 I wasn't invited. Humph.

7154231 not sure if you mean to BABSCon or the party. Both were/are open to anyone. Horizon had posters up on the poster board and announced it on his blog.

7154247 I'm joking. Heh. But, no, I didn't catch the memo. Surprisingly, I never look up any new info even though I whine that I never know anything.

I did a thing :/

This was dumb but I'm okay with that.

However, since ponies don't normally wear clothes, she had to dress up first in order to take clothes off, and she dressed up as a sailor gypsy.

I'll be in my bunk.

What have I done

What did I just read...?

And why did I kinda like it...?

Should I be proud of this?


Everypony was kind of confused regarding what this had to do with anything, but then she steered into a vignette about how when Spike was sixteen, Rarity accidentally walked in on him slapping appendix with the severed hoof of a changeling. That was very awkward, both for Rarity in that original incident, and for the guests of the party in her subsequent retelling of it. Finally, she spoke of how much spike meant to her, and how it always made her feel bewilderment and passion with the heat of a thousand suns, except only as a friend, because she really wanted to get with Cadance, but alas, that was for naught. Everyone was feeling pretty uncomfortable by then, but they were distracted when a wall exploded!

Extra prompts to whomever wrote that part.


:rainbowlaugh: Well... it had me laughing XD

Author Interviewer

That was amazing. :D

Oh God this gives me inspiration for Bronycon.

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