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Sonnets, Interview Transcripts, Newspaper Articles, and other forms of written word chronicle a day in the life of a quirky bat pony

This was actually the first FimFiction story I ever wrote, over half a year ago. It's aged surprisingly well. However, it languished for a while because I was too lazy to convert the interview chapter from the not-allowed-on-FimFiction script format to the more traditional "he said, she said, blah blah blah" style. At any rate, I hope you enjoy learning more about how I lived in Equestria!

About those downvotes: meh, I guess trolls don't like stories about bat pony OCs with experimental narrative structure.

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4120900 why would you like me to die? Or are you trying to speak German or something?

I'm a bit confused. Is there a rhyme or reason to this story?

Interesting. The newspaper must be running out of ideas if this is all they come up with. Well, time to read on.

I noticed that you used "prench" in the quote "pardon my prench", but later used "French" in "French horn"

I have never read anything like this here before, and I liked it. Although, I can imagine that I would grow tired if this became a thing. Very original; will sleep now. Oh, it's 2:49 AM... That's very...

4120913 Diese Geschichte ist Kacke. Ich hoffe, dass Sie dies zu realisieren. Ihr Charakter ist lächerlich suchen, Ihre Steckdose des Geschichtenerzählens wird verzÜgert, und ich kann mein Gehirn das Gefßhl, zu sterben, wenn ich lesen.

4121708 I'm glad you liked it. I'm honestly not sure why it bombed so bad. I guess trolls don't like stories about bat pony OCs with experimental narrative structure.

4122530 while I thank you for being the only person who actually left criticism (albeit in German), unfortunately it was extremely useless. If you like, I would happily link you to some sources on how I provide constructive criticism. Have a great day! :pinkiehappy:

I do not believe that it was reviewed badly because of the writing; The writing was excellent. The reception was most likely caused by the fact that what was presented was not traditional in any way (save one chapter.) personally, I appreciate new ideas that break the boundaries of "ordinary." Perhaps in the future you could try again, but I would give the reader a fair warning so that they may be more open-minded.

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the last line has


*suddenly sees an update in batponies*
Hmmm, what am I missing here.

4864297 A quirky little story unfortunately downvote-bombed by trolls because of the General Zoi's Pony Creator cover and the Mary Sue-ish description. :applejackunsure:

A self-insert with a terrible title and even worse cover art? I'm not reading this.

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