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This story is a sequel to Feeling That Way

The war's over and your fiancé is back. Your once dead town is showing signs of life again. But you feel more muted than ever. Only one thing is there for you, anytime at all.

"Feeling That Way"/"Anytime" are two popular Journey songs from their breakout album Infinity, often played back to back on the radio.

Preread by Yamgoth the Moth and the Dobermans
Recommended by Present Perfect

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A pegasus flies above the lake, and the war is over.

Damn, that's a strong line. Simple things like that are practically my entire style. Trampoline how have you hidden this incredible power from us?

Can't wait to see more! This has such an empty feeling about it. :pinkiesad2:

8097816 shoot, I accidentally mark this as incomplete

8098065 :fluttershyouch:

Praise still remains though. You should be cereal more often in your writing.

What the hell, Supertramp? This is good! The final sentences are a little too on-the-nose for my taste, but other than that, this is fine writing.

I told you man, I have moments of good writing surrounded by shitposting

8753710 Why do you do that?


I don't like writing. I like coming up with ideas. I like the results of writing. I like bringing people enjoyment. And I love attention. But I don't particularly enjoy the writing process itself, unless I spice it up with collabs, insanity, absurdity, etc. As a result, most of the stories I manage to finish are the stupid ones, since those are the most fun to write and don't need to be very long. Most of the "good" stories I've tried to write are stuck in development hell. That doesn't excuse the rest of the crap I write, but I hope it explains it.

Fuller review here, but in brief: like its prequel in many ways, which does lead to slight diminishing returns. However, the relationship angle keeps it fresh enough that it makes a satisfying companion to Feeling That Way. Adding an upvote.

Thank you again for reading!

You only medicate when you're depressed.

"Whenever I feel sad, I make myself an ice cream sundae."
"But you have an sundae every day."

In any case, a more localized spin on the malaise of the prequel, now with opioids. Just as devastating, not only because of war weariness outliving the war, but also because of the implicit ripples in Equestria's culture. After all, poppers wouldn't have a name if Lead Belly were the only one eating them. As with the prequel, thank you for it.

Glad you appreciated, FoME!

This is pretty crushing. Apathy's a brutal thing :twilightoops:

9835960 I’m glad you “enjoyed”. Make sure to read the first story which this is a sequel to, as many feel it’s better!

EFeeling That Way
You're drenched in sweat and ennui. She's fighting the enemy, and you're fighting depression. Stuck forever in a nowhere town, you try to rise above inertia, but you only end up feeling useless. You're always feeling that way.
Super Trampoline · 1k words  ·  63  6 · 1.2k views

Already read that one, actually. Can't say for certain, since I think it was a while ago, but I feel like I got more out of this one than the prequel. I apparently upvoted that one too, though.

Well, I’m extremely glad you enjoyed it! I would like to one day think of a third journey song I can use to complete the trilogy where he actually gets the help he needs.

I feel you. I love plotting out stories more than the physical writing. It just takes so long and there are so many distractions. What wouldn't I give to go on a cross-country train ride again in the time before I had a smartphone to keep me stupid? That's what inspired my shitty clop fic in the first place.

Right now, I think the quarantine has made me manic. I'm learning basic graph theory just to diagram the plot of a time travel story instead of letting the plot holes and paradoxes pile up as part of the fun. Also, I've had the most ideas for new stories (or major extensions to existing ideas) in years. Fun fact: the complexity of a time travel story is between O(nn) and O(n!), where n is the number of time-traveling characters that interact.

Sounds fun and complex. Hap or Pineta should be able to help you with the math and science stuff if you need a second set of eyes.

I'm so glad I read the comments here.

I needed this.

I'm working on a time travel type story and had no idea where to begin my research for constructing the monstrosity. I've been stuck in development purgatory.

10948647 10240764
Horizon is another great person to seek advice from when it comes to writing time travel stories
, as well as just being a fine human being.

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