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You get a letter from your best friend, but it's not exactly what you were hoping for.

Started for the "Most Dangerous Game" contest, but not finished until now.

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...wait, so are they both in prison? At the beginning I tought it was only Silver... she hints it pretty clearly.

Nice story, by the way :-)

Sadly, I can see that end for the two. :pinkiesad2:

I know it isn't quite something you are meant to speak about, lot of the brattier types of bullies just see it all as this cute little game of theirs...

Know that poem has a tech bend to it, but I still think it fits quite well on Silver Spoon and Diamond Tiara; just a game....

Until somepony got hurt. :pinkiesick:

Yeah, that sounds like Silver pushing a lot of her personal guilt onto another person. It's easier to just hate Diamond Tiara than hating herself.

5329600 UGH if I never hear or see anything referencing that melodramatic, artsy fartsy, overblown, pretentious, sanctimonious, pseudo-hipster claptrap ever again, I will be a very happy camper indeed...

Maybe she is disassociating, but when you think about what we've seen in the show so far, of her behavior if not monitored by Diamond...I can see where she is coming from. I'm willing to bet she hates herself quite a bit...and is paying penance for it. But truth be told, much of what she says both about Diamond and her influence on Silver is spot on. ESPECIALLY if it started as early on as she says.

It doesn't absolve Silver, not by a long shot. But then again, I've always had a soft spot for that filly.

...Diamond on the other hoof...

Ok, I'm not the type that takes bullying well, never did from being a kid to growing up. Honestly, most of the time I just wanted someone to body-check the bullies back in the day, and today I want to be the one I wished for growing up. Sure, I know it doesn't work that way, but I'm just saying I've got a huge bias on this. Maybe, from an objective standpoint, Diamond isn't beyond saving. Several authors have written her character and redemption so well I've wound up liking their pink ponies with head gear quite a bit!

But classic Diamond Tiara...the kind you have here...nothing would please me more than to stick Tirek and Chrysalis in a cell with her. Moreover, tell them if they break the filly, they can go free...the results would be worth it to me...and that's why I figure I'm not the best to talk about these things.

All the same, very well done, and I applaud your writing skill.


I personally found the video quite poignant and beautiful, and dealing with a important subject that simply doesn't get spoken nearly enough about. (Same as this story, thus why I posted it.)

There are some genially broken people out there, that will do near anything to feel like they're the biggest and best person in the room for a few fleeting moments.

To be frank, I can think of far, far worse ways to talk about bullying then by poetry.

Still, you of course by all means not required to think it good poetry, but I will respectfully disagree with you in this case.

5330138 It's well animated, I'll give you that... BUT THE WORDS!! MY GOD THE WORDS!! It's like they're describing someone setting off WWIII rather than doing a bit of trolling, and he is so descriptive and puts so much emotion behind his delivery it's almost laughable when you discover what the subject matter actually is.

And I'm not the compassionate person around, but I happen to think suicide is a very selfish way apart from the most exceptional circumstances... Especially over some remarks from a perfect stranger you only know online. I just can't understand why anyone could care about what some anonymous idiot says about you... And I definitely can't fathom why you'd take your life over it. Maybe, I just don't want to.

For a much more understandable and less up-itself idea of what to do when faced with online bullies, check out the Wander Over Yonder episode, The Troll. It's GGOOOODD...

I quite like this story for this; it remains ambiguous all the way through. After all, all we are seeing are highly biased "facts" that are told from Silver's retrospective perspective, save for the final line.

It is not inconceivable that Silver was, in aftermath of the arrest, visited by her parents, who, unable to comprehend that rheir little angel could do such a thing, start looking for alternatice truths. "She always wad a bad influence on you" "We should have noticed it earlier". Most anyone in Silver's position would probably take that opportunity to releave guilt from self.

On the other side, it is also possible for everything here to be true, and Diamond to be the true "villain", although I still think it would be unfair for Silver to blame Diamond even in that case =P

5330089 Yeah right, I mean canon Diamond Tiara called once AppleBloom a looser, totally unforgivable. It's a wonder why the mane6 haven't use yet the elements against this Tartarus's pawn. :ajbemused:

I really don't get why you people said she is worst than Chysalis/Tirek/Sombra/Hitler.


Ok, fair enough, heck I even said I'm majorly bias in this. Thing is...seeing this fic as a possible result of her behavior and seeming lack of correctional influence, at least none sticking with her...you gotta admit, the bias is gunna be against her on this. Not saying she actually DOES deserve it, far from it. Just saying that this is how the fic makes us feel, is all. It's not gunna be proportionate, or justified...

Doesn't mean that others aren't going to feel it though.

So much anger!

This truly, truly expresses a good lot of beautiful rage.

Loved it!

Just hope nothing in your personal life inspired this trampoline...


So, Diamond Tiara, I give up. I've been trying to reach the good in you for two months now, but you know what I realize, the scariest truth of all? Maybe there is no good in you. I know our society believes there is goodness in us all. I don't. You've jaded me too much.

So deep, this is the cries of a broken soul that has lost faith and become cynical.

I would like to know if the suicide was the thing two months before that caused her to start trying to reach Tiara.

Also If she was in jail like Tiara or a different kind of institution.



Especially over some remarks from a perfect stranger you only know online. I just can't understand why anyone could care about what some anonymous idiot says about you...

Words can hurt, often more than steel and sharp glass.:moustache:


5329600 I don't like the title, this poem only refers to bad trolls but even to them this poem doesn't fit very well.

This poem talk about bullies, cynical people, and haters, not so much trolls that's why I find the tittle quite misleading.


5333135 I COULD say something about sticks and stones, but of course that would be FAR too cliched for me...



5331400 It's cool to see this generating discussion. It makes me, the author happy. :pinkiesmile:

5333121 Nothing of the sort going on in my life. I'm pretty immune to bullying, luckily.

5333128 I didn't figure out the exact time line, but there was the suicide, then a trial to determine if DT and SS could be implicated as being to blame for it (Spoiler Alert: They were), then Jail time. Somewhere in that process, Silver Spoon had a change of heart/breakdown and realized how fucked up her relationship with DT was, and decided maybe she could change DT for the better too.

I hope you fucking die.

5337242 Woah woah woah. I encourage people to have lively discussion about my stories. I don't really care if people yell at each other. And I agree, this person has an uncaring and naive view of suicide. But I feel your response is inflammatory and over the line, and hope you can edit it into something more constructive and less, well, trollish.
Thank you.

5337242 If wishes were horses, beggars would ride. Or ponies. Regardless, you are an impolite, uneducated, nasty little snot who lacks the articulation to constructively debate and so resorts to childish abuse. I shall be ignoring you henceforth unless you can contribute something worthwhile to the argument... Sufficed to say, I'm not holding my breath. Because then I'd die. You'd like that, wouldn't you? Not gonna happen. HA HA etc.

Sorry, but I don't mince words when it comes to bullies.

Garbage in, garbage out, shitstain.

I feel like this should get a sequel where Diamond Tiara starts trying to improve herself.

5517226 she was a diamond in the rough until prison polished her up.

5517373 In that case... there should be a sequel detailing the actions she takes once she gets out of prison.

5517378 That would require me writing a long character-redemption slice of life piece, something I'm not good at. Mostly the "long" part. As you've probably noticed, most of my works are more scenes than stories; this is because I write fairly slowly and rarely finish longer projects I start. I'm sure there are some good DT redemption stories on this site. Sorry, but I hope you understand. :ajsmug:

5517594 I understand...
Although that does give me an idea for a shorter story... If you're interested in hearing it.

5517750 Instead of a long one, just do a short story about Silver Spoon and Diamond Tiara reuniting after Diamond Tiara has changed.

5517757 that could work. A conversation at a cafe or something

5517812 Sounds like that would be the best way to do it.

5517859 I've never read that story before... I probably will at some point now.

Author Interviewer

Funnily, except for the final line, it's not a second-person story. :V

Look, it's Admiral Biscuit!


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